Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Andrew Vu 8 weeks out videos

Part 1

Part 2

Music Download:
Hot Action Cop- Going down on it (instrumental)
If you played Need for Speed 2 High Stakes you would remember this is a bad ass song. lol good times.

So we are 8 weeks away for Andrew's competition. So far he's about 161 lbs ( 5' 6" tall) So his plans are to drop about a pound a week. Most of it is going to be water. We can see a bit more changes in definition and vascularity (Jenny loves that word) lol

Anyways this is his 2nd back workout for the week. We did the same workout a few days prior. This was pretty light for me (of course I am 20lbs heavier and eating all the carbs I want lol) So I just filmed myself as well. The first time I finished the part 2 video it was at 95% and rendering. Then my primary drive was full so it froze the program. The auto-save didn't work so I had to start all over.  Fail.

I think we're going to shoot a leg video sometime in the next few days. We'll see.


  1. good stuff! this is motivating! i'll give this routine a shot next week. looking for new stuff.

  2. hi Hanh! What's your calf routine like for Mondays and Fridays?

  3. Lookin solid as usual guys!! Good editing in this one :P

  4. I like how for each week you guys record a different muscle group being trained. It keeps it from being repetitive in a way. And the music you put in the background is ALWAYS on point; relevant. Keep up the good work to both of you! I can't wait to see the change in definition and VASCULARITY in Andrew!

  5. This is by far my favorite video. Good work Hanh and Andrew!

  6. hey hanh quick question, i am about to start youtubing

    are you making a bit of small money from the blog and youtube? and may i ask how.

    If its confidential i got fb :) or email

    and http://www.facebook.com/DLUINEO

    cheers dude

  7. looking great! keep training hard boys keeps me motivated watching this.

  8. only i'm allowed to say vascularity. -_-

  9. Hey do you ACTUALLY not work out your arms? Cause looking at you seem to have MASSIVE arms.

    I've been gyming for 5+days a week for 7 months now and have been hitting arms twice a week through Chest/Bi, Back/Tri and an arms day. Haven't done legs properly throughout because had pretty big legs from being chubby and didn't want to make em bigger and not fit in my jeans.

    But now my arms are bigger than my calves, I prefer having slim legs though I like how you put it as one leg day a week is only 4 x a month.

    So I'm thinking if i should cut arms out and do 2 leg days a week like you. Would that shrink my arms or would all the other workouts keep em going?

    Cheers cuz, hard to find Asian gym role models, your vids are up there with zhasni for pre workout pysches keep up the good work!

  10. Any tips for working on grip? I keep stopping half way through deadlifts for example cuz of grip even though i can handle more weight.

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  13. BTW, how long does Andrew Vu rest between each set?

  14. hi hanh,

    been watching your vids and training since the begining of 2011. I just created a blogspot to keep track of progress.

    Just one quick question,

    I have moved up in all my exercises, besides my side lateral raises (well only slightly) I think one main reason is because i get this clicking in both shoulders.

    is there another exercise that i can do which is just as effective for the side delts?

    you can take a look at my progress shots on aumeow.blogspot.com

    thanks in advance for the advice


  15. mmashoe- thanks!

    Dronkos- I do some calf raises and some calf machines. They don't grow very well but I think its just a genetic thing.

    Brent- Thanks man.

    Neil- Thanks. Rest time is about a minute.

    Anthony Olson- Thanks!

    Jenny- You are FUNNAY.

    peterdownunder- Thanks. I love zhasni's editing. His stuff is great. I hope he can make higher resolution ones. My screen is way big lol. Nah you're not going to shrink unless you stop eating right.

    ryan- use wrist straps, gloves, or chalk. (chalk may tear up your hands though because it drys out your skin)

    domainhos- Actually now a days (well in America at least) people are getting lazy and fatter. lol

    seo usa- Thank you!

    aumeow- You may try cables. It will give you a good resistant training with better focus. There's different variations on the same exercise. Just see what will work better for you.

  16. how do you drop water weight?

  17. Hey Hanh, I was wondering how many cheat meals can i have in a week while maintaining the goal of losing 1-2 lbs a week? I have a gf as well and man is it difficult to maintain a social life, anyways I was wondering if you got any advice for me! thanks in advance man.

  18. hey hanh,

    right now I'm doing 5 sets of 7 reps each. this is what it looks like. 1st set I'll do 145, then two sets of 165. then two sets of 155.

    Is there anything wrong with my routine? Should I lower the weight and do more reps instead. I'm looking to get a stronger back and legs without having huge bulky thighs. What's the best way to maximize squats

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