Friday, March 25, 2011

Update for 03.19.2011

Hi. I've been pretty busy to answer peoples questions. Sorry I can't get to everyone as I don't have time to. Most of them have already been covered in the previous blogs so read them first before posting. It should guide you to the right direction. Anyways, this post isn't really much about working out but just some pics from the past few weeks.

 Some videos from my cali trip: ( we were just messing around.. I didn't really do any working sets. lol and I don't recommend it)



Some pictures from cali trip.

My rental. Don't ever buy one these they suck lol. It only gets 200 miles
to the tank :(

Jenny got me some puma's for valentines day.

Its kevin! (
Jenny, Frank, and Benny

shaabang sauceeee

jenny, me, neil (, genevieve
me, jenny, and rachel

my wonderful girl :)

jenny, me, jason chen, frank, bart kwan (unco same) lol