Monday, July 11, 2011

Andrew Vu 5 weeks out video

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The Chosen Ones

5 more weeks till Andrew's competition at Europa Dallas. These are just some random clips from our chest workout. Sorry I've skipped a few weeks as I haven't had time to record. These clips were recorded by Joe at (hence why he's posing.. and no we don't do that in the middle of our workouts) This was filmed at Metroflex Plano a hardcore gym. There's no a/c and its 100 degrees here. 

Some pics!
Taken from an iPhone
getting more shredded
Andrew's getting leaner.. while I'm.. well the same. lol
Jonathan Irizzary posing... He's doing a competition in 2 weeks.


  1. Hey hanh,

    andrew is looking great- much more cut than previous weeks

    your looking massive too.. have you thought about entering a comp?

    shouldnt be too long until im the same size as you are now (6 years lol)


  2. Hey Hanh! Have you ever had your meals in the middle of an office meeting when it reached the 2-3 hour mark? What did your boss, colleagues and/or subordinates had to say?

  3. hey can you help me with this,
    i hear people who lift are always talking about
    low carb and high carb like andrew vu.
    how do you know when to shift, when to eat more carbs, and etc

  4. andrews looking amazing, i think its awesome seeing how quick he has changed, im sure a lot of people here wish they had the ability to cut like that even though they would look a lot thinner, but i doubt that will be achieveable unless they knew what meals we has eating on a daily basis

    as usual hanh great physique

  5. Really most programs should try and accomplish this. For this reason I really don’t like the term core training. We really build all of our programs to include core training and core movements. No matter what your goal is you will incorporate core workout.

  6. Love your vids especially these series of andrew's workout. I kinda started some blog post about my gym and diet. i'm really motivated after watching your vids. :D thx for youtube-ing. :)

  7. What up Hanh,
    Your videos are getting more and more enjoyable to watch...Too bad you don't have much time to dedicate to making them! I love the progression that Andrew is making! Your choice of music or the vids are on point and your video editing skillz are thumbs up! Great Job! Keep 'em coming.


  8. He looking great and his body and muscles are awesome.
    best hostings

  9. Man. I'm just in shock. Andrew's made a ton of progress these couple of weeks and your lookin as swole as always Hanh haha. I'll be up there at your status one day :)

  10. andrew and jonathan are looking pretty solid...all my friends at metroflex keep on telling me how they keep on seeing you there!

  11. guy at 0:23 was a big boss, who was that?
    yeah camera broke but my progress will be up soon, i had to stop for a bit due to a new job but im back on cutting.

    p.s. how tall are you guys?

  12. It's great to see such a big progress in such a short time. I can't imagine the hard work and dedication you guys are putting into it! I get inspired and motivated everytime I come check your blog Hahn! Thank you very much!!

  13. do you ever wear shorts to the gym?

  14. Does Andrew do any Cardio in the off-season? If so, how long does he go for? Sorry for the pile of questions dude. lol

  15. how come andrew avoids deadlifts and squats during on season ? any specific reason why?

  16. Hanh, can you post your cardio on pornhub?

  17. Awesome stuff hanh. Wish there were some updates but I understand you and andrew are busy. Good luck andrew in the competition. And both of you guys are awesome motivation, updates help alot but really just thanks for everything you guys have shown us already.

  18. aumeow- Thanks.. but no I'm too busy and focused on other things.

    Dronkos- haha well I work for myself now so I dont have that issue.

    Joseph Fan- Not really necessary unless you're competing.

    ae86 - thanks
    mikhaelkueh- thanks
    Kendawgz- thanks ken
    Hyoriu- thanks, you'll get there
    michaelhvu- thanks, come up there and train.

    ChauProgress- thats jonathan in the pic

    JK - thanks

    rich - Yes, recently I have but most of the times I've filmed it was cold. I bought some more shorts. I dont have very much many lol.

    Neil- I think just for contest he does.

    ae86- he does squats just not deadlifts as they're not necessary for building shape but overall mass/ foundation.

    EctomorphicBuilder- If i get paid enough no freebies. lol

    ryan- I'm trying but been really busy its hard. lol

  19. yeah sorry late replies lol.

  20. hey hanh im looking to make videos too what program you using? and what camera? looking to get a cam. my iphone always uploads the videos sideways ==

  21. Who are the songs by, the ones on your streampod?

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  23. Hanh,
    1. What is the best supplement for bulking?
    Been training for 5 months now. Month 1-2,
    studying technique(no supplement).
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    Month 5, using Dymatize Elite Whey (117
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