Friday, June 17, 2011

Half year update.

     So I just wanted to congratulate those that have made it to this half year mark with  your blog sites. I started this on new years of 2011. I realized some of you guys just made a blog and expected me to tell you a miracle formula that will transform you to a greek-god-like-physique-looking-warrior and have women catapulting into your arms. Well, wrong. Like I said from the start that it is a lot of hard work and dedication. The road to your ideal physique is costly in both time and money.

      I see most of them, I would say 7 out of 10 people gave up. The 3 out of 10 people will realize that those workout videos that say "5 minute hardcore workout" are bogus. Why? I can tell you to run in place as fast as you can for 3 minutes and do 200 push ups in 2 minutes. bam! You will feel exhausted and you will look the same the next day. There is no shortcut. There is no cheat days.

Anyways, for the following blogs that have appeared on my feeds. You guys have kept up with it. Good job. (I don't know your name.. you should put your name on your blog) (I don't know your name.. you should put your name on your blog) ( David from Australia) (Brent, check out his blog. Looks like he knows what he's doing!) (Thomas. He knows what he's doing as well) (Neil, from California. You need to post more buddy ) (Michael Vu) (truongy) (minh chau)

The rest well you may have not gave up but you haven't posted anything in the past few months. I assume you gave up or at least on blogging. haha.


  1. isnt to late to join right? lol i just started a blog but ive been a working out since January

  2. what about my update? -___- i've improved too!

  3. Thanks a lot Hanh!! There's a lot of good blogs in this network! I enjoy reading them because there is no sales pitch/desire to gain money through these blogs. Awesome work everyone, lets keep it up for the rest of 2011 and beyond :-).

  4. yeah way to make us skinny fellas feel even worse next to brent and thomas ahhahahahahah, but if there are people reading these comments keep an eye on them two! can learn so much from their knowledge.

  5. I love what you've encouraged Hanh, i love comparing my progress with others, and also getting tips and advice along the way :).


  6. songohan- haha you can join whenever you'd like.

    Jenny- You've eaten more junk than anyone on here. Congratulations. You got the belly :D

    Brent- Yeah I like blogspot. Less internet trolls/ attention whores as seen on youtube or forums lol. I also try to keep up with people's post because there's not many on here.

    David- haha well they worked out longer so what do you expect!

    Tak- awesome.

  7. thanks for putting me out there! lol still got some time to catch up to you, thomas, and brent!

  8. Yo Hanh, totally unrelated but I think i'm taking a vacation in July to Texas to visit some family. Do major gyms do like 1 week traveler memberships or something? lol idk how i'm going to lift.

  9. michael- hope so

    nick- you can print a 7 day pass at golds online.

  10. waheyy!! cheers dude !
    Names Dan Cheung :) Added ya on fb if you use it haha

    And well done to the rest too! checked out some others blogs deffo alot to learn from them cool stuff!

  11. haha thanks for putting me in your blog! i like what you've done, this will help motivate a lot of people. i've been checking some of the other blogs too, you guys are making awesome progress. keep it up!

  12. hey hanh i was wondering if its ok to deadlift the day after a squat day where i also hit my hamstrings too.

  13. Hi hanh! How do you maintain your waist size throughout the day whilst eating 5 meals a day and eating 75% of makes you full along with the gallon of water? Because i tried that and my waist got bigger towards the later part of the day and i just want my waist to stay small like it is in the mornings.

  14. Hi hanh! I've got another question to ask. Can you tell me what do i have to do for maintaining my weight in terms of diet and workout? I just finished a cut and i don't wanna gain it again

  15. Hanh, just wondering. I eat 75% full like what you and other people have suggested but after eating i would drink water which pretty much bloats me up. Is that a good thing?

  16. I think it's little too late but i was wondering if you can follow me on this blog i actually made it so you can see the progress i'm making and maybe give me some tips? I'll be posting soon thanks Hanh

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  18. alan - i always feel bloated after carbs and say 1-1.5 gallons of water a day, just have to tolerate it and make sure your eating lots and hydrating your body especially if your taking creatine.

    hanh - yeah but i can still see myself not getting as far as everyone else! haha, also just watched week 9 of andrews vids pretty cool, looks like hes doing biceps more than tris, any specific reason why ?

  19. Hey Hanh.. I was wondering if you could follow my blog... again. Somehow my old Blog got deleted and I had to create another one :(. I don't have any posts but ur advice would be greatly appreciated.

  20. Dan- I dont use fb.

    Andrew- np

    Alan- thats normal

    Dronkos- eat clean.

    David- He did an equal amount. I just got sleepy and napped on the benches instead of filming. lol

    J Sagong/ Aoboss- What if I asked you to make my car faster? WHat information would you give me? You wouldn't be able to tell me anything because you have no clue what you're looking at. Think about it.

  21. lol just got on this blog since my first post and laughed at your last statement b/c i did giv up on blogging. but not on working out! i will start blogging.

  22. I know why. haha I'm still at it! Just haven't been posting, I really should update more. I've been out of supplements so the only thing I've been taking now is Whey Protein from costco. :( Still keeping up with meals though so that's good. :) I have a long way to go..I think I'll be happy with my hard work in a few years. Thanks for the motivation hanh!

  23. oops a part of my comment got cut off. i meant to say "i noticed I just had a few new followers, i now know why." lol

  24. Hanh, I changed my routine is this reasonable for gaining mass?

    Set range for Ectomorphs: 14-16 excluding back.
    Rep range: 6-8.
    Time: 30-45.

    Chest A
    5 6-8 Flat-Dumbbell Press.
    Incline Barbell Press 5 6-8
    Weighted Dip 5 6-8

    Lats A
    Deadlift 5 6-8
    Chin Ups (Overhand) or Machine Pull Down (Reverse Grip.) 5 6-8
    Dumbbell Row or Barbell rows. 5 6-8

    Shoulders & Traps A
    Military presses 5 6-8
    Dumbbell laterals studys found this workouts the traps move then shrugs.
    Shrugs 5 6-8

    Quads, Hams, Calves A
    Front Squat 5 6-8
    Ham Glute Raise negative motions, until you can complete full motion.
    Calve Raises 5 pyramding 30, 20, 12, 8, 6

  25. Hey Hanh

    I've just created a blog for you to check out.

    Would really appreciate if you could take a look when you get a chance (i know you get swamped by requests).

    Would love some feedback on my routine and whether or not I should up my cardio or what. I've dropped almost 16kg but I don't seem to losing anymore :'(



  26. Thanks brother i will try to update my blog as soon as possible with some progress pictures !