Friday, January 28, 2011

New video

So here's my latest edit. It's just a bunch of clips from 2010 and early 2011. It took me a couple hours for 2 days to mess around with it. I'm still learning how to use effects and transitions. I'm currently using Adobe Premiere CS5 to edit. I had to upgrade from CS3 to get the HD support. The beginning part was from Dragonball  imperfect Cell saga. It was one of my favorite lines so I thought I'd throw that in. Anyways its just something to watch... there's not really any purpose behind it.

The song I used is: The Outsider- Renholder Remix
You can download it here

Monday, January 24, 2011

For me to help you better.

Alright for all of you new to this... I've got to point out a few things.

Pictures are worth a thousand words.
Post what you eat using pictures like I do. Don't LIE about what you eat. For one, its not going to help me give you better advice because I will assume you're doing good. So if you post all the GOOD meals you ate and discarded the bad meals or neglected to take a picture of it then its not going to help me have an idea of what you're doing. I don't care if you eat bad. Its your body and your choice what you decide to put in there. Its your results, not mine. I can help you the best I can but you're going to need to help yourself first. If you write down from which hours you ate your meals just once; I know it's not real because you're not likely to do the same thing every day! Be real with yourself. Your blog is for YOU to help you keep track of what you're doing.

Here's an example of Nick's blog:

You can see how he added pictures along with description on his meals and how I can give him some suggestions.

I also like this post:

You can see he posted all the bad food he ate and he realizes that this isn't going to work. If you type out that you did everything perfectly.. there's nothing I can help you with.

What are your goals?
I have no clue what you look like or what goals you may want to obtain. For me, I like to put on lean mass. I don't like fat on me. That's just personal preference. I like lifting heavy and I want to increase my strength gradually without getting injured. I also like to balance my physique and stay proportional. It's just something I want to do for myself.

Anyways, about you... pictures of yourself will help. You can look back at it and see how much you gained. I can give you better advice in which direction you need to go. Understand that I don't know everything. If I don't know then I will say it.

What is your motivation?
I know most of you will quit when I tell you the truth that its not for everyone. It takes time and money if you haven't figured it out by now. But hey, I'm not here to waste your time or mine. I can only help those that are willing to do what it takes. I'm not going to buy your grocery. I'm not going to eat your meals 7 times a day for you. Nobody is going to do it for you but you. Understand that all of this is repetitive. Nothing will happen over night. If you made 5 good meals and ate it in a day; you're not going to turn into a super-sayian-like-warrior over night. It takes time so be patient.

Anyways... let me summarize this: just be real to yourself.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sick Update

Sick update.. because well I'm still sick. ugh. Still trying to eat, drink water, work out.. this is all a bit more difficult. I'm holding my weight at 181 lbs.

More food I've been eating. Cube steak, spinach, white rice.
Friday night.. Killing legs for second time this week.
Same meal after the gym.
Protein. For those who keep asking how to take them..
I use separate water bottles, put the serving in, shake it, and done.
More grocery. My bill is pretty much 100$+  a week. Lets
see what we have.. Orange juice, bagels, banana, eggs, steaks,
blue berries, and medicine ;(
I go back and forth for steaks just go get fresh ones.
Saturday was off. Sunday night. Just did a bit of arms.
I never do arms but I don't have much energy today.
Saving it up for leg day tomorrow :)
I ran out of water so its back to the grocery store. Again.
I need to wash my grocery getter. I don't think its going to
happen anytime soon. Its freezing cold here.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Update for January 20

Hello everybody. I'm currently sick. lol I get sick probably once a year and its usually because people get me sick. Ugh. oh well I still went to work out and it was okay. Still trying to maintain my weight.

I've added some grocery for a few days... Lets see baby carrots,
baby spinach, more steaks, bagels, yogurt, oranges, and oatmeal.

Cooking more steaks.
This is an easy way to make your vegetables.. just put the lid on it
without completely sealing it and put it in the microwave for 45 seconds.
Done. Or you can just eat it how it is. Heat just makes it softer to eat.
Couple more meals like this. I've added in some cheddar cheese.

Same thing... just changed up my carbs to
macaroni & cheese.

Sometimes its easier to cut the steaks up
so its easier to eat. Lean steak is tougher than
ones that have more fat which is why they're soft
like fillet mignon. This is just steak, white rice,
cauliflower,and green beans.

I usually get in a lot of fruits. Blackberries taste so good.
Kind of pricey though unless they are on sale.
My current breakfast. 6 eggs, bagel, yogurt, orange.

Also, for me to help you better. I cannot answer your generic questions such as: Do you have any advice for me? How do I get bigger? etc etc... Make your own blog.. post what you eat, your stats, etc etc and the more stuff you have about you the more I can help you. Otherwise I have no clue what anyone looks like.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This is my original edit. I had to change it because wmg copyrights on youtube ;(

Anyways, this is pretty much my current leg workout for Monday. It's composed of mainly squats, leg extensions, hamstring curls, calves. This was hard for me to film & workout at the same time. Heavy squats take up a lot of energy. Some of you that have made some workout videos know how shitty the shot can be and realize most of them are not usable.

My usual sets are 5 sets starting off with 10-12 reps for light working my way up to 8-10 reps for moderate. 6-8 reps for heavy... and ending off at 4-6 reps for really heavy reps. This is what I'm currently doing for squats. It gives me enough time to warm up my joints as right now its pretty cold. 

Leg extensions / curls are more focused movements so I don't pack on much weights. I keep it light to moderate and slow down the movement.  I keep the reps in the 10-12 rep range. 

I'm currently training legs Mondays and Fridays. Reason being is 1) I need more legs and 2) nobody does legs Mondays or Fridays. lol. So please don't be a moron and do curls on a squat rack on a busy day. That is a gym fail.

Last I'd like to add that everyone should do legs if you can. If you hit legs once a week.. that's only 4 leg work outs a month. The rest are pretty much upper body workouts. So if you're wondering why you have frail monkey like legs... its because you're not doing them enough. It'll also help your upper body grow faster in strength and mass.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Update for January 16

Just a quick update on what I've been eating and progress for this month. I signed up for golds gym and its pretty bad ass. There's a lot of new equipment and new machines that I like there. Its good to have a change of atmosphere since 24hr was getting pretty lame. I've also started to do some filming at UTA gym in Arlington so I'll get those up when I get a chance to edit them.

Start this month off at about 175-ish and I'm up 181.6 last week.
As of 1.14.11... I'm up 183.6 lbs
My gym bag - I pack my meal so I can eat it after workout. Also
have my funnel and protein/ creatine in the zip lock bags. I pretty
much carry my gym bag everywhere.. lol
I ate a couple of these meals a day- white rice, vegetables,

For those that ask me to make a video on how to cook... it takes me more time to make videos. I can just take pictures and explain it here. It's pretty simple. I'm not good at cooking but I can just make the basic stuff that I need. Here's how I make steaks on a skillet.

You can pick your cut but this is just beef round tenderized.
Tenderized so its softer since this cut is pretty lean. This
is a pound of beef for 5$ so your grocery bill will be pretty
high. I like to buy my meat fresh so I don't stuff a bunch of them
all in the fridge. Beef goes bad fast so you can't let it sit as long
as chicken.
So here I cut it half but you can cut it in quarters because half a
lb per meal is a lot. You can get steak seasoning in the seasoning isle
at the grocery store. Steak pretty much has a naturally good flavor
so I don't really care too much about seasoning.
Add oil to the pan so it wont stick. I use olive oil.
Turn the heat on to high.
Throw the meat in the pan.
If you use the lid it will cook both sides faster. I flip it about
2 or 3 times and I check to see if its done. It usually takes about
5 minutes to fully cook. The thing about beef is.. you can eat it
rare unlike chicken which you have to fully cook.
Here it is done! I added rice and some vegetables.
Beef cooks faster than chicken but yeah its going to dig a hole in your wallet if you're trying to bulk. Anyways let me know how your progress is and message me here if you need me to look at your page or want me to add you because you're keeping updates on your progress. I know not a lot of people are on blogger but don't worry this is just for me to help you! Posting your progress on social networking sites wont help.. all you get is regular retards who hate because you're making gains. So anyways just keep posting. It's not for anyone but you.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Progress 2006 - 2010

Many of you have posted progress pics for your blogs.  I finally found some old pics from old hard drives of myself when I started training. I started in January 2006 which was when I just started my job at a motorcycle distributor business. I didn't really keep track the first year but I made the fastest gains then. Which is why I told you guys to take pics when you first start because you'll make changes pretty fast. Even though I thought it was not picture worthy I should have taken them.

Also before you take a look at my stuff.. take time and check out Thomas (Clutchlifter)'s page:

He has really good info for lifting and pretty much has the right mindset that will help you make gains as well. We're all here to motivate each other.

May 2004
July 2005
October 2005- Starting off in 06 at 117lbs.
Pretty much looked like this starting off.

May 2007- About 145 Lbs
June 2007- Still no legs.
July 2007- Going to the beach in Cali
October 2007- About 155 lbs
End of October- 2007
Legs getting bigger but no definition yet.

January 2009- I didn't take many pics
in 2008. I was too busy with work
I could only try to maintain my weight.
January 2009- About 170 lbs

June 2009- About 180 lbs
January 2010- About 178lbs.
Finally got separation in the legs.

January 2010- More lats now.
Feburary 2010- More separation in the quads.

July 2010
December 2010- better separation for hamstrings.
Just got a widescreen HD video camera with remote :)
January 2011- Currently at 181 lbs
Time to get that summer body again... lol

No matter what happens. Don't give up. You'll get there.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

How to Diet


Diet is 80% of everything. What you put in your body is very important. No matter what you're taking.. it will not work if you can't eat right! 

Few things you should remember:

1) You are what you eat- If you eat junk you will look like junk. Junk food will make you fat. Animal fats make you fat. Fruits & vegetables make you lean. Lean meats make you lean. Get the idea? Quality food = Quality muscle.

2) Make your own food- Don't rely on your mom, girlfriend, or whoever to make your food. Buy your own food and have them prepared. Timing is very important so if you're waiting at a restaurant for your meals you're not going to have them in time and your body is in catabolic mode. Meaning it's not growing.

3) Use the food pyramid-
We all learned this when we're little because it's important but sadly nobody applies it. The food pyramid is perfect for bulking.  If you are cutting, take the bottom portion out which is your carbs. The way the pyramid is split up is pretty portioned as well as what groups of food you need to eat. Remember that everything you eat will break down into one of the categories in the food pyramid. If you don't know what is exactly in your food; then don't eat it! Like I said above; make your own food.

4) Eat often- Weather you are bulking or cutting, eat every 2-3 hours. You just need to eat the right things for what you're trying to do. You should get in 5-7 meals a day. A peanut butter sandwich and a protein shake does not count as a meal! It's barely a snack.

5) Portion your meals- Don't stuff yourself with large meals. It will be harder for your digestive system to process. Eat about 75% of what usually makes you full that way it keeps your appetite up and you'll be hungry by the time it reaches the 2-3 hour mark. When your meals are smaller your digestive system will have more time to process and it will absorb more nutrients. If you're too full you'll end up shitting all your food out and end up wasting it.

Your grocery cart should be like this or you're not getting big. Most of the time I buy less than this because I like the food to be fresh. If you let it sit too long it will go bad. Remember you're going to make frequent trips to the grocery store.


This is a basic meal to stay lean. Chicken, sweet potato, asparagus, and carrots. I use the tupper ware to carry them around in my gym bag so I can eat my meals on time.You can see there's not much carbs here so it would be perfect for someone trying to stay lean or dieting down.


Grilled chicken breast. Chicken is very cheap here.
I cut them to smaller pieces so its easier to eat. This bowl is not a meal its for a day or two. Chicken you have about a week for it to sit in the fridge before you cook them or it will start to go bad.

Some grilled chicken with Jack Daniels honey bbq marinade. Good stuff.
Get lots of protein in because its the base for building muscles.

Some beef and vegetables just done before I put them into containers. Beef gets pretty pricey here. You have to make them once you buy them or you have about 2-3 days before they start to go bad.

Eggs- the best food besides the fact it comes out of an animal's..

Anyways I eat eggs/ toast/ yogurt/ fruit for breakfast. The rest of my meals are about the same as above pics.

This is okay for bulking. Sliced and diced beef with rice and vegetables.

Anyways to sum it all up. It's a lot of eating. You'll get sick of eating the same stuff. Hell I have to put my ipod on just to eat my meals. Its boring that's why nobody wants to do it.

Oh one more thing.. in case you're too lazy to use google search for a food pyramid. There was a different bunch of kinds but this is one of the good ones: