Sunday, July 31, 2011

Update for July 31, 2011

Well I've been busy again. I've filmed a lot but I haven't had time to sit down and put them together. So again bare with me. This post is just an update on life. lol. It's been 1 year for Jenny and I. I got her started on working out and showed her some basic stuff. She's a fast learner and really tries which makes her a great workout partner :) Naturally she has high metabolism like I do so anything she eats won't help her gain any weight. So I got her some protein and she's trying to eat better. She usually eats very few meals per day but just one scoop of protein helps her appetite and gets her very hungry.

Happy 1 year to Jenny and I. We ate at Fogo De Chao. Great restaurant!
Pool at the W wet deck on the 16th floor.

A view of Victory Park Downtown Dallas.

Our guest from California (Rachel) and hmm andrew is here lol
We got matching outfits and new Under Armour shoes.
They're really comfortable and flexible!
At Metroflex plano gym.
Jenny loves this gym better than regular gyms haha.
Look how powerful she looks :)
I found some full fingered workout gloves (called Bionic) at academy.
I've had the short version and they were okay so if anyone
wants to try full fingered ones these would be great. They
have more padding than my dirt bike gloves.
She's getting bigger better catch up guys! lol
My meals for 2 days. Rice, chicken, shrimp, and some vegetables.
I gave Jenny her first bottle of protein. She loves it.
This is Jenny's breakfast.

Thanks for reading and I'll edit Andrew's next video soon :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Andrew Vu 5 weeks out video

Music Download:
The Chosen Ones

5 more weeks till Andrew's competition at Europa Dallas. These are just some random clips from our chest workout. Sorry I've skipped a few weeks as I haven't had time to record. These clips were recorded by Joe at (hence why he's posing.. and no we don't do that in the middle of our workouts) This was filmed at Metroflex Plano a hardcore gym. There's no a/c and its 100 degrees here. 

Some pics!
Taken from an iPhone
getting more shredded
Andrew's getting leaner.. while I'm.. well the same. lol
Jonathan Irizzary posing... He's doing a competition in 2 weeks.