Saturday, April 7, 2012

April 07 2012 Update

Hey everyone. It's been a while since I updated my blog. We're up to 677 subscribers now!
I hope you guys made good progress and use out of my blog. I don't really have any more info to post at this time but I need to finish the basic exercise guides on the link above. Yeah.. I'll get to it.

For now this post is just an update to keep my blog alive :)

We all have our reasons why we want to achieve our fitness goals. I purchased my first motorcycle when I was 16. I weighed next to nothing (maybe around 120lbs) compared to a 400lb machine. It was very difficult to handle or even move the bike around in the garage. I knew I needed to gain weight to handle it.  Today I am 185lbs which is pretty much way over my goals. However it does add the confidence and make it less difficult to ride.

A really long time ago with an Aprilia RS 50 I painted.

At Motorsport Ranch Cresson  on March 2012. (This  was the bike on the last youtube video I uploaded) I was still setting this bike up at the time.

Freshly painted and some new accessories and hardwired for keyless ignition! I spend a lot of time in the garage. lol

This is actually quite a workout. Which is where the term "sport bike" comes in play. You use your whole body to maneuver the vehicle.

I often get asked: how do you not fall going so low?  Well think of it as a bicycle.. if you're sitting still then it wants to tip over. If you are pedaling fast it wants to stay upright. So basically the motorcycle is going fast so it wants to stay upright. You would have to lean it to get it down.

Currently working on a new project.. 07 Honda CBR 1000RR. The Gsxr600 needs more power for me. I'll see how this one goes.