Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some more video responses

Hey everyone, still new to this blogger page. Here's some more video responses of guys starting their workout progress. I'll post any new ones and update it here.

If you're wondering why I chose over other sites it is because it's owned by Google. Which owns Youtube/ adsense. Basically this is the only site that you will be able to make money off your post! How? Well sign up for an adsense account ( and you should be able to enable ads here. You also get paid by views. Remember since you're new and probably won't get much views then you're not going to make much to start off with. It's a long term investment just as you're doing with yourself. In the end it'll end up paying for some food/ supplements you're going to be using. Maybe even more. Who doesn't like free money? 

Anyways check out these video responses from these new guys:



  1. Hey man, thank you for featuring my video on your blog! Continuing to work hard in 2011!

  2. For sure dude. I just added you here.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. did u enable ads on this blog? i don't see any ads on your blog, i also don't see any ads on mine

  5. Yes I did. It may be the browser you're using.

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