Thursday, January 13, 2011

Progress 2006 - 2010

Many of you have posted progress pics for your blogs.  I finally found some old pics from old hard drives of myself when I started training. I started in January 2006 which was when I just started my job at a motorcycle distributor business. I didn't really keep track the first year but I made the fastest gains then. Which is why I told you guys to take pics when you first start because you'll make changes pretty fast. Even though I thought it was not picture worthy I should have taken them.

Also before you take a look at my stuff.. take time and check out Thomas (Clutchlifter)'s page:

He has really good info for lifting and pretty much has the right mindset that will help you make gains as well. We're all here to motivate each other.

May 2004
July 2005
October 2005- Starting off in 06 at 117lbs.
Pretty much looked like this starting off.

May 2007- About 145 Lbs
June 2007- Still no legs.
July 2007- Going to the beach in Cali
October 2007- About 155 lbs
End of October- 2007
Legs getting bigger but no definition yet.

January 2009- I didn't take many pics
in 2008. I was too busy with work
I could only try to maintain my weight.
January 2009- About 170 lbs

June 2009- About 180 lbs
January 2010- About 178lbs.
Finally got separation in the legs.

January 2010- More lats now.
Feburary 2010- More separation in the quads.

July 2010
December 2010- better separation for hamstrings.
Just got a widescreen HD video camera with remote :)
January 2011- Currently at 181 lbs
Time to get that summer body again... lol

No matter what happens. Don't give up. You'll get there.



  1. hot. hot. hot.
    take everything off next time.

  2. Whoa , Hanh this motivated me more than i ever was before. This is why I look up to you!

  3. Jenny- Only for you baby

    Anthony- Thank you, it means a lot. You can do it.

  4. proud of how far you've come babe... it's really amazing and you definitely showed hard work pays off. no pain, no gain! ;)
    always here for you to make you your protein/creatine/n.o and massage your sore body. <3

  5. han i got some question about the training. because i heard from my friend that we need to stretch our muscle before a workout(i did that) but after done all the workout do we need to stretch our muscle again?

  6. Hanh, what can I say. Amazing physique. You've got that natural gift for looking way heavier than you actually are, which shows how lean and how much muscle you're loaded with. Keep up the good work. You're motivating us all for a reason. Cheers on the mention.

  7. Hey Hanh. So I was skinny all my life, like 6 foot and weighted like 130, but then i started to eat a lot of junk food/fast food and started to workout also. But now I got this belly fat and now look skinny fat kinda. Do you recommend me to cut and then try bulk again? I'm scared if I do cut I will lose the muscle that I gained however I'm also scared that I will gain a lot of fat when I do bulk again!

  8. Awesome inspiration, about 3 more months till my fractures heal up, then I'll be shadowing you.

    Can't wait

  9. Great timeline Hanh, ill be taking my first pics tomorrow as im going to start a cutting phase,

    Will you be cutting to get the summer body back, and also did you have someone to work with at the gym to help push u when u started? cheers

  10. Haro- Would be easier to cut the fat and start off from a clean frame. You really didn't gain much of 'real muscle' weight. The actual weight you gained was most likely water / fat. If you continue to bulk then the fat will stay there.

    Fame31- Do it.

    WeCanAllSucceed- I had work out partners from time to time but usually they quit or have something else going on in their life. Most of the time I train on my own. It helps if you have a training partner to motivate each other.

  11. Yea, I figured. I did buy a fat burner that was recommended in one of your videos a while ago. But it's annoying spending one year of poor diet but consistently working out and now I have to restart. Oh well, thanks for the advice though!

  12. Haro- You can still build muscle if you feed it protein. I can help you better if you post more info on your blog and keep it updated.

  13. from '07 to '10 your weight increased dramatically! did you start taking new supplements?

  14. Jacob- I had new training partners so we lifted heavier and ate more. I didn't have much progress in 08 though. I tried to maintain what I had. Supplements didn't really make a big difference compared to eating / lifting/ rest. You retain better gains with real food.

  15. Your legs have come a long way bro. What did you do to get them up to par with your upper body?

    Anyways thank you for taking the time to share with everyone.

    If you got time, check out some vids I made @ the gym.

  16. How'd you prevent stretch marks all those years?

  17. Jonathan- I started to focus more on heavy squats and it brought out my legs a lot better. Pretty crippling but it works. Btw, Nice videos. You should add them as a video response to my videos if you'd like so people can see. You have good editing skills and you guys lift pretty good.

    Chau- I sweat a lot so I guess that helps but I still get some stretch marks. You can try to use lotion to places you're getting stretch marks and it will help. Or fish oil. That works but it makes me sweat a whole lot more so I don't use it.

  18. vitamin e oil is ideal for *stretch marks*.

    find a lotion with shea butter, castor/jojoba oil in it... anything with vitamin e,a,c is good.

    it's going to take awhile for the appearance to fade away though so.. don't expect it to go away compeltely. or you can tan. that helps diminish minor stretch marks but use sunscreen! lol otherwise your skin will just sag in the future and who wants a saggy old man... ewww. lol

    apparently vic's vapor rub works well too. apply it onto like a washcloth/towel and rub it into the skin on everynight for a few weeks...

  19. Great post man, I just got done editing a video about the food I eat but its crap I think i'm going to scrap it. Really frustrating trying to make these videos and not have them turn out the way you anticipated. It'll just end up being a back/bicep workout video, I think will just make a blog post about my food. Much easier to write it all down and take pictures that way I can show you what I eat and how much etc. It should be up in a couple of days, in the mean time I'll post the workout video on youtube.

  20. Nick- Write things on the blog first and then make the video. I found that when I have no outline on what I want to say it's hard to talk about it because I will forget things I want to add. Just keep it short and simple and easy to watch for the viewers. The main thing is people want to see you progress.

  21. Hey are you all natural (no steroids etc)?
    Regardless awesome body man, I've been training for a year now and hopefully a few more and I'll be at your level and then I will surpass ;)

    Keep it up brah

  22. It's good to see that even now you're still improving, since a lot of the time when I go to the gym I see the same big guys lifting the same weights for years and not getting any real gains. Really encouraging to me and my friend who has a similar body type to you in 2006!

  23. Hey in 07 with the red shorts, how heavy were you? 150ish? That's my goal, with legs ofc, which will probably make me 160?

    I am 155 right now but probably with muscles like when you were 145. I've been at it for around 4 months now and gained like 20lbs within that time. Yeah, I got a pretty big belly, hoping to start cutting when I hit around 165.

  24. Damn dude how did you gain 10lbs in 6 months?

    From Jan 09 to June 09. This is especially gifted after having trained for a couple of years now. I would think you would be nearing the genetic potential.

  25. If I had that body maybe finally I can get a girlfriend yay.

  26. Kevin- I was 145'ish at that time.

    Xeno- I quit working managing this company and I worked on my own so I had a lot of stress off my shoulders and more time to focus on myself. Right now I don't really see significant gains quickly. I probably can tell every 6 months to a year for whatever part I'm trying to improve.

    Austin- Looks can get you there but personality keeps you there. There's more than attraction that will get you a girlfriend. I could write a 10 page paper on this subject, lol. Anyways just work on yourself. The rest will come in time.

  27. Is getting separation in the legs mainly dependent on huge muscles or is it more like getting abs?

  28. Dane- hit legs hard till you cant walk, and they will grow.

  29. Hi hanh just let me start by saying YOU LOOK AWESOME! actually like guku. i really admire you. anyways to make things short, i want a body just like yours!! im just wondering if you juiced to get where you are at now?,(honestly your my bodybuilding hero i wanna do it natural). im an 18 year old Asian guy and i workout lots and eat right, at 179/16%bf. anyways YOU LOOK SO BIG! honestly you look like your 230lbs! XD


  30. Hey Hanh this is a more personal, specific question but I really want your July 2007 body. I'm about 21% body fat, 178lbs 6'2''. Oddly enough I look decently muscular considering my height, weight, and body fat (maybe my bones are just really light or something LOL). Normally with my specs I'd expect myself to be 100% flab but I'm not great either.

    To the point, I really like that July 2007 look. You're pretty lean but you're still buff. I've tried getting ultra-lean with very light amounts of muscle which the women love....but it makes ME feel like I'm a weakling and I'm doing this for myself. Do you have any tips on how you reached that stage? I'm working hard with 5 hours in a week and working on my diet, but which supplements, more cardio or less, etc, etc. I looked at all your posts and I have an IDEA of where to go, but I want to see what you have to say about THAT specific body.

    Sorry for the super long post. I just want to choose a path and work super hard so I can get there! Knowledge is power, action conquers nations.

  31. How old were you when you started lifting weights?

  32. Hey Hanh,

    You, Frank and Tuan Tran are my 3 biggest inspirations and motivators to get bigger, better and more toned up. My goal for this year is to look like your July 2007 photo, I'll be turning 20 so it's roughly the same age and hopefully I'll be like a Aussie-Filo version of you guys one day, haha. Also just wondering how tall you are cause I have a similar frame but I'm 6"1?

  33. Hello Hanh, Jenny, and other people! ^_^/

    Just wanted to say, you are all a big help. I'm following some of your workout routines, and I am seeing some results. I put some on my blog. If you see any flaws that would be great. At the moment, the diet part will be the hardest part, because of financial problems. But other than that Thank you for the advice, tips, and videos, Hanh. You truly are a great inspiration.

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