Sunday, January 2, 2011

How to Diet


Diet is 80% of everything. What you put in your body is very important. No matter what you're taking.. it will not work if you can't eat right! 

Few things you should remember:

1) You are what you eat- If you eat junk you will look like junk. Junk food will make you fat. Animal fats make you fat. Fruits & vegetables make you lean. Lean meats make you lean. Get the idea? Quality food = Quality muscle.

2) Make your own food- Don't rely on your mom, girlfriend, or whoever to make your food. Buy your own food and have them prepared. Timing is very important so if you're waiting at a restaurant for your meals you're not going to have them in time and your body is in catabolic mode. Meaning it's not growing.

3) Use the food pyramid-
We all learned this when we're little because it's important but sadly nobody applies it. The food pyramid is perfect for bulking.  If you are cutting, take the bottom portion out which is your carbs. The way the pyramid is split up is pretty portioned as well as what groups of food you need to eat. Remember that everything you eat will break down into one of the categories in the food pyramid. If you don't know what is exactly in your food; then don't eat it! Like I said above; make your own food.

4) Eat often- Weather you are bulking or cutting, eat every 2-3 hours. You just need to eat the right things for what you're trying to do. You should get in 5-7 meals a day. A peanut butter sandwich and a protein shake does not count as a meal! It's barely a snack.

5) Portion your meals- Don't stuff yourself with large meals. It will be harder for your digestive system to process. Eat about 75% of what usually makes you full that way it keeps your appetite up and you'll be hungry by the time it reaches the 2-3 hour mark. When your meals are smaller your digestive system will have more time to process and it will absorb more nutrients. If you're too full you'll end up shitting all your food out and end up wasting it.

Your grocery cart should be like this or you're not getting big. Most of the time I buy less than this because I like the food to be fresh. If you let it sit too long it will go bad. Remember you're going to make frequent trips to the grocery store.


This is a basic meal to stay lean. Chicken, sweet potato, asparagus, and carrots. I use the tupper ware to carry them around in my gym bag so I can eat my meals on time.You can see there's not much carbs here so it would be perfect for someone trying to stay lean or dieting down.


Grilled chicken breast. Chicken is very cheap here.
I cut them to smaller pieces so its easier to eat. This bowl is not a meal its for a day or two. Chicken you have about a week for it to sit in the fridge before you cook them or it will start to go bad.

Some grilled chicken with Jack Daniels honey bbq marinade. Good stuff.
Get lots of protein in because its the base for building muscles.

Some beef and vegetables just done before I put them into containers. Beef gets pretty pricey here. You have to make them once you buy them or you have about 2-3 days before they start to go bad.

Eggs- the best food besides the fact it comes out of an animal's..

Anyways I eat eggs/ toast/ yogurt/ fruit for breakfast. The rest of my meals are about the same as above pics.

This is okay for bulking. Sliced and diced beef with rice and vegetables.

Anyways to sum it all up. It's a lot of eating. You'll get sick of eating the same stuff. Hell I have to put my ipod on just to eat my meals. Its boring that's why nobody wants to do it.

Oh one more thing.. in case you're too lazy to use google search for a food pyramid. There was a different bunch of kinds but this is one of the good ones:


  1. hey hanh,

    youve spelled it out in its most basic form, really well done, time to go and buy a shit load of fruit and veg

  2. Awesome post hanh. This blog is looking great. Thanks for taking the time to write these posts, we all appreciate it big time!

  3. Thanks guys. Its easier for me to type at my own time. You can see there's a lot of info so making a video would take more time.

  4. Hey Hanh I am shooting a video showing over the next week what my daily eating looks like. It should be up next Saturday. If you have the time around then it'd be cool if you could check it out.

    Good idea on creating the blog, its much faster and easier to communicate through it. Finally thanks for taking the time out of your day man I know for me things get busy and it can be hard enough to handle our own daily shit let alone take extra time to help people out and answer questions etc.

  5. not to turn this into a cooking thing but id like to see how you make some of this stuff, if you have time could you please make a video? and this blog really helps people out, thanks a lot :)

  6. Thanks Hanh! Haha your blog is hella informative and entertaining.

  7. @nick Looking forward to seeing it. Just let me know when you have something you want me to look at. Its easier for me to see who's serious and I can help them better if they actually show that they're doing something for themselves.

    @anand_3p I can later or maybe take pics and write on how to make it.

    @anthony Nguyen Thanks, hope you make good use of it.

  8. Hey Hanh, you mentioned that a peanut butter sandwich and a protein shake barely constituted as a snack, let alone a meal, but do you use protein shakes for any of your meals? I ask because it is hard for me to eat that much food without the aid of at least one protein shake during the day, excluding post-workout and so I was wondering if that was recommended or not. Thanks!

  9. I don't count protein shakes as a meal. Its a supplement so its more of a drink. I get about 3-4 in spread out throughout the day. Usually in between meals I will take creatine/ protein. Yes its hard to eat a lot but that's what it takes to grow. Do what it takes :)

  10. i got a question about ur diet
    the more lean u are the more food u need to eat
    above u post a picture of cut up chicken breast on a plate than u said it last u 1-2 days.really?
    how many ounce/gram of meat do u eat every meal?
    how much calories r u cosumin a day?

  11. I don't count them or weigh them its too much work. Keep eating. If you're not gaining enough, eat more. Keep it simple.. its already hard enough to eat a lot.

  12. just want to say thanks for reply lol
    posted question on every video of ur but u never had a chance replyin them.
    i get most of my bodybuilding advice from
    they advice me to find my BMR pretty much is how much calories i need everyday by my age,sex,height,weight n activity level
    i got 2700 calories as my bmr. also they told me if i wanted to get bigger n build muscle i have to bulk up by addin 300-500 calories.
    which i did and split my caloires 3000 into 50%carbs/30%protein/20%fat. but despite of eating more n lifting heavy i dont gain muscle for some reason muscle gain is little n is barely visible.all this eatin have increase my bodyfat from 15% to 20% and my current weight is 185.i cook for myslef everymeal im very serious about gettin bigger n stronger.i currently can squat 200lbs on smith.dealift 160lb on smith.legs have gotten bigger but arms have been stuck at 12.25inch not slow at benchin currently im at diet as of right now is breakfast
    milk 1 serv
    whey 1 serv
    oatmeal 1 serv
    bannana medium
    around 530calories, 70g carbs, 39g protein,16g fat

    other 4 meals usually the same
    brown rice 2 serv or whole wheat bread 4 slice
    brocolli 1 cup
    pease n carrot 1/2 cup
    chicken breast 4oz cooked with olive oil
    around 550 cal , 60-70g of carbs, 40g protein,16g fat

  13. eatin all that food every 3 hours was hard for me i get stuffed from one meal n the next is comin around the corner!lol
    im so fed up on eatin is so annoyin
    but nothin is workin i change my workouts from the website mentioned above.really need some guidance

  14. Your breakfast has no actual source of real food for protein. Add egg whites in there. Lets make this easier for you, take a pic of every meal you eat and post them on your blog along with your workouts. Remind me to look at it whenever you need and I will help you with it. I can't answer everyone's questions especially on youtube because either I've already answered it for someone else or I didn't see it. Or its to long/ complicated I skip it. For anyone on here that's actually keeping track of their progress; I will be able to help you better.

  15. i really want to kno what u eat each meal
    like brown rice how many serving,meat about how many ounce
    i kno u dont weight or count ur protein
    but that pic of cut up chicken breast look like no more than 12oz.guys ur size require alot of protein each meal 12oz probably last 2-3 the most but i dont get how u say it last u 1-2days.

  16. Hey hanh. Can you check this diet out I'm in a cutting phase and tryin to cut down to 180lb. And should I eat the amount I'm trying to lose like I should eat as much as a 180lb person which is 1800 calories a day. Here my diet plan I know you don't protein shake as a meal but idk shit keep getting more confusing the more I read. My meal are broken down into 2 hours

    Meal 1- eat egg whites 5 egg white with 2 wb - 450 calories/38g
    Morning cardio
    Meal 2 - 2 scoop protein shake - 228 Calories/ 24g of protein.

    Meal 3 - Tuna Sandwich w/Broccoli

    Meal 4- Chicken w/Broccoli.

    Meal 5- Chicken w/Broccoli.

    Meal 6 - Chicken w/Broccoli.

    Meal 7 - 2scoop of protein shake 228 Calories/ 48g of protein.

    Meal 8 - 2 Scoop of Whey&casein - 240calories/42g protein.

    That prolly average about 2000 Calories/250g + protein. I want to lower my calories so i can try to lose a pound a week How do you think I could do that because reducing the meal I have daily wouldnt change that much for me I wouldnt think. If you could give me a hand thanks. I workout x2 pretty much everyday. here is how my chicken w/brocllii look like It keep me full for 2 hr so its fine with me.

  17. @winkawak Its becuase he prolly eat about two to like four piece in one meal. Even for me Im crying because I need more chicken I eat 6 piece a day.

  18. @Khiet
    eating 2-4 piece of chicken a meal is only about 10-15g not nearly enough for someone with a bodymass of 180lb like hanh.
    ur cuttin diet is off
    calories too low,not enough carbs, all protein
    find ur bmr first before u do ur cuttin diet

  19. Um not really this is enough to fuel me for 2 to 3 hour and I see results to what Im doing. Do you even know what cutting even is? No offense. You got to go into a calories deficit to lose fat weight. Im not trying to go slow n do a 2500 calorie but lower it bc its my choice into doin it and in the end if you dont see the results you want you have to lower it anyways. And 2 to 4 pieve of those chicken is like almost 5oz. or 6oz i think.

  20. lol do i kno what cutting is
    u dont have to listen to me
    cuttin is only takin off 300-500 calories form ur BMR.
    never saw some1 calories intake that low for cutting n hardly hav any carbs except one meal.
    n u say u were excerisin 2x a day which is gonna burn even more calories u prbably end up only have 14-1500 calories a day.u might see results but might not be all fat.carbs is a main fuel body use it also works with the protein. lol 2-4 piece of chciken out of A chciken breast is 5-6oz? average chciken breast is 4oz if u only take 2-4 piece out of it ur gettin maximum 2-3oz.
    i think u should do alittle research on food nutrition n food measurement.

  21. I've simplified this all for everyone. You wont need to count calories or weigh your food unless you're going do competitions on a professional level. If you're just doing it to get big / look better then like I said eat 75% of what makes you full. Eat every 2-3 hrs. Your meals should look like examples I've posted.

    Post your meals on your blog and what progress you're making. I can help you make adjustments from there.

  22. Hey Hanh I just recently started
    watching your videos, and I think
    they're great.

    Since January 1 I have been getting
    in to a bit lighter weights with higher
    reps and doing cardio to get more ripped.
    I am 5'4 141.4 lbs with 14% body fat.
    I want to hit 6-8% body fat by the end
    of February. I only plan to drop 10-15 lbs
    of fat.

    I'm just wondering if you can do a nutrition
    video on how to MAKE your food.
    I want to follow the same diet you do
    to get ripped.
    So if it is cool could you give us a
    schedule of what you eat at a specific time?
    -Sai (

  23. @Somsai I can do that but it's not really important. I've explained most of it here and I can't tell you any specific time I eat my meals as it may not work for your schedule. That's why I said eat every 2-3 hours. Get what I mean? I think later I can make a quick video on how to make some easy meals. I'm not a good cook. I just eat it for the nutrition not for the flavor.

  24. Hey Hanh i been working out for 2 months now I stopped during of the summer cause I had a job but now I been going to the gym everyday, I do full body work outs from chest to legs my friends are telling me it's bad but when I do it i don't get sore the next day. I sleep 8 hours a day and I eat lots such as chicken and stuff like you said. I been getting progress the whole body yeah please get back to me xD

  25. You should never quit working out. What happens if quit your job? You would be broke. Also working out is painful so yes you are always going to be sore if you want to make gains. Decide if this is for you before you jump into it and quit again. Its hard and you're going to have to adapt to the changes if you're going to get anywhere with it. It's not for everyone. If you want results; man up and do it. 30 years from now you can wish you did something about yourself or be happy that you looked your best. Age will slow you down so do it while you can.

  26. thanks man I been at it since the middle of November till now , im 16 at the moment and I want to get as big as you , i weight about 160, i don't want to take any supplements i want to go natural got any advice , and any full body work out routines? if so thank you so much !

  27. Hello Hanh! Thx for the tips! I've a training program for diet. And I wonder about you could check it out for me? I'm 18,169cm and 81kg. I want to go on a diet. If you can help me please reply to my gmail:)!

    I hope you can really help me!

    Regard Hiro

  28. Urm.. hope it's ok if I ask a question about your workouts. Do you always train one body part per session? is your workout always split on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays? Do you have any opinion on full body workouts?

  29. lol in ur basic dietin video
    u mentioned u dont count or weight ur food make me feel like u were talkin directin to me.
    the reason why i asked because yesterday i got myself a cheap food scale n i was shock how much chicken breast i was overeatin. i only need 4oz every meal n i was eatin somewhere between 6-8oz no wonder why i get so full. is shuold have my diet n qorkout plan set up by the end of today so make sure u check it out tell me how it is
    thx in a advance

  30. no, I'm not talking directly towards you. Your input was great and I've had frequent questions about it before so I tried to cover some of them in the video.

  31. lol btw my diet n routine r posted up earlier than i thought plz go check it out

  32. hanh this is gonna sound really dumb, but I have a really hard time eating vegetables, is there a fruit or other way i can substitute them?

    I can eat starches just find, but veggies just make me sick, even if I season them.

  33. thank you for posting this food tips because im trying to loose wieght and this is really helpful

  34. hey hanh! :)
    I have been lifting for sometime now (maybe 2-3 years), and unfortunately when i began working out i already had fat on me. Thourgh these years i have gained some muscles, and now i would like to cut the weight (fat ofc) and stay at low BF level. I already ordered stationary bike and i would love to hear whats time is the best for cardio ? In the morning? Before breakfast or after, etc. :) For start i want do to cardio 3x 20 mins a week, and by weeks move up - what do you think about it ? :) thanks for answers

  35. ~Fame31 - I really don't know any substitution you may have to try different kinds to see what will work for you. Maybe add in multivitamins to make up for the lack of nutrition in that category.

    ~Leigh Ann- glad it will help

    ~Tath- Yes gradually increase your cardio. Stationary bike is okay but maybe try fast paced walking and progress to jogging. It should burn more fat and tone you out better.

  36. hanh i left u a message in my blog

  37. Thanks for all the info. You are awesome for giving such great tips.

  38. Hey hanh, i've just started working out and trying to bulk up a couple of days ago again. (this video motivated me expecially, dunno why).Have tried to start before but got too busy and didnt organise enough time for it. Im 20 years old, 5' 11" and 128lbs. Day 1: i was able to fit in 4 meals and 2 protein shakes and the next i had 5 meals and 2 shakes, so im getting use to eating more regularly. As far as my workout concerns, im aiming for 5-6 hours a week 1 hour session each. ive been filming myself to see progress. but not too confident posting it as of yet. thanks for reading!

  39. Hey man just set up my blog
    Gona start posting to it reguarly, hope you follow and feel free to give me any tips man, always welcome

  40. aannddyy- You can post them on your page and set it as private. When you make good results you'll be confident to show how much gains you made. Or just keep it for your records.

    Cal-Training- I added you here.

  41. Hey Hanh,

    Do you use something like this to cook chicken breast or any other meats?



  42. Hey Hanh

    Ive heard that it is more benifical to burn body fat, by doin a cardio session after a weight session, is it true do you know?

  43. Rob c- That looks good. I dont have one of those. just an outside grill and most of the time I use the skillet.

    WeCanAllSucceed- Yes, that works well.

  44. is it okay to substitue chicken thighs for chicken breast? chicken breasts are too dry for me.

  45. Triple B- You can get boneless/skinless chicken thigh but they cost more.

  46. what kind of food do eat a lot? how much protein do u take in a day? i just wanted to know cuz im a vegetarian and i don't eat meat

  47. Abs- I don't understand your question.. what kind of food do I eat?.. um there's plenty of pictures of it here. I don't count my protein so I wouldn't know.

  48. Hey Hanh how many times in a day did you take BSN Cell Mass in the beginning when you first started working out??

  49. Hey Hanh, you talk about timing of meals, when are optimal times for meals? I know you say 2-3 hours in between but besides that when are some general good times to eat

  50. Thanks for your time to write up this helpful info Hanh..I was wondering if you can post something or just reply to this comment the times and foods you eat throughout the whole day. On/off days. Thanks!

  51. hey goku. just wanted to say thanks for all the info and all the help. i couldnt have done it without you.

  52. hey hanh, i was wondering, if subway is a good food? I always have them for my lunch and snack after lunch (3hr b4 dinner), I have 6-inch of Italian bread with Ham and Tasty cheese, with salads and NO mayo.

  53. Hey hanh just a quick question what do you eat for breakfast?

  54. Hey Hanh, so im trying to bulk up with minimum fat increase n maximum muscles gain.

    I use a calorie calculator thing and it says i need .75 g/lbs protein and 10oz cooked brown rice PER MEAL

    tatz like freakin 5-6 cups of uncooked brown rice per day??

    im 174cm, 140 lbs with ~11% bf

    is this is correct?

  55. Hey, this is Remus, I just wanted to ask you,
    would it be a good idea to drink a protein shake before and after the workouts? or just before, or just after... o.O

  56. Hi, nice share... b()_()d
    I have an article to diet... Amazing tricky tips to do health diet..

  57. hi... i m taking serious mass from last three months and creatine also but i m not getting the result... give some idea so that i can achieve my goal....

  58. Hi Hanh,

    Love ur videos dude! Just one question for you. Will i be able to grow muscle if i keep carbs to a minimum?

    I'm thinking carbs just for the morning and then a protein source and veggies for the rest of my meals. Will this work?


  59. Hello :)

    Over the summer when I moved back home I started to eat very healthy and I exercised everyday. In 2 months time I lost 20 lb. Now that I'm back at school... I have very little money, and not enough time to cook a healthy meal. I have gained some of that weight back, unfortunately. So, what kinds of meals can I make that are cheap and fast (my budget per week is 50$).

    Thanks so much,


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  61. hey bro big fan, ive been working out for about two years now in highschool, but ive just recently started takeing creatine once a day, myofusion isolated whey protein about three times a day, a nitric oxide called c4, and i take the animal pack once a day. my question is with all that ive been trying to eat six meals a day stuff like chicken spinage and rice, but i also dont want to get fat. i am tryin to bulk up by eating alot more carbs for the winter but i definatley dont wanna get fat. do you run often or do some type of cardio when your lifting for bulk?

  62. HANHHH CHAMPPPP I been lifting for about 2 yrs and this is my result if u look at my picture. Do you think it's a good idea to bulk up next 2 months and then cut down next 2 or 3 months before summer time?

  63. hey hanh, so I'll be going back to college to finish my 2nd semester of freshman yr in 2 weeks, but I'm not sure how I can diet in college dorm life. The healthiest thing I can get is buffalo chicken sandwich with wheat bread. Is that good enough? I still have supplements in my dorm tho.

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. Hanh,
    I'm 5'9 and weigh about 260. The summer of 2011 I weighed about 300lbs. That was super scary for me because I told myself I would never get that high in weight. But since dropping 40lbs, I find myself at a plateau. My wife and I just signed up for a gym membership, but I was wondering what you recommend towards overcoming the plateau? My goal is to drop down to 185-200. I believe I can do it. I'm not looking to drop the weight so fast because I believe the faster you lose the weight, the quicker it comes back.

    We just moved to Seattle, WA. I was wondering if you were from the Washington area because I saw your pictures of Bellevue. It would be great to get some tips from you and if you live here, it would be great to sit with you one and one and get your advice.

    Appreciate the feed back brother!

  66. Hey Hanh. I'm about 5'10' and 205 pounds like 20% bodyfat.

    Anyways I'm thinking of eating about having my macros as 60 protein, 30 fat and 10 carbs as my macros.

    And being at a deficit of 800-1000 calories (with no cardio) would it be optimal a nutriton for me getting down or getting lowered it 12% bodyfat?

    I weight train four times a week for 45 minutes and I keep rest periods short so my heart is pumping crazy. Would this also be great for fat loss? and my ambition of being at 12% bodyfat.

    Cheers Hanh :)

  67. Thanks alot for all the info on nutrition. Nutrition has been a staple in my life for years. I have two questions for you...

    1. Whats your take on baked potatoes/white rice? Are these two foods ideal to eat other than postworkout?

    2. For breakfast I typically have oatmeal or fruit for my carbs. Other days I have a white bagel. I usually stick to complex carbs throughout the day... but for breakfast, sometimes all I can stomach is a bagel and protein shake. Whats your take on simple carbs for breakfast?

  68. Found your blog through Youtube...
    Easy to read and good tips concerning food.
    I have one question...

    I work out every day (I hour strength, next day 30 min cardio, then next week switch the routine, 1 hour cardio, 3o min strength, weekends of)
    I'm a scaffold builder so my back, legs and arms need to be as strong as they can be...
    Now most people tell me I should take a day's rest between working out, which makes no sense to me since I lift heavy objects for my job 8 hours a day, 5 days a week....the only rest my body gets, even without training is when I sleep and the weekends.
    What is your opinion on rest day's and how to you "rest" when my job is lifting heavy stuff for 40 hours a week.
    Thanx Ronny.

    1. P.s.
      I have been working out this way for almost 4 years, the only thing I've noticed is that I need more sleep when I work out every day.

  69. is the sauce honey smoke house or teriyaki? I dont seee the sauce you mentioned??

    Jack Daniel's® Honey Smokehouse™
    Known for its attention to detail and unrelenting quality, Jack Daniel’s® slow cooks its Honey Smokehouse™ Barbecue Sauce using a blend of real honey and spices to ensure the perfect balance of sweet smokey flavor for all your grilling and baking occasions. Brush on meat during last 10 to 15 minutes of cooking for delicious flavor.


    Honey Teriyaki
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  70. Wow, i have been looking for a real "diet for dummies" guide for so long :)
    not saying you guide is dum ;), all others i have found have just said get xxx calories or eat this and that, but never how much of this and that.
    And i gotta admit im not the brainer when it comes to calories and all that hehe

    So finally finding a guide like this that really explains and gives some idea's for what to eat and how much and explains WHY its good, is just what i needed :)
    I might be 29, but i hope its not to late to get a body worth showing off hehe

    Anyway, thanks for the great guides and for taking the time to make them :)

  71. by the way it seems a bunch of your images are missing. unless its just my computer.

  72. Hey Hahn - Great blog! Very inspiring. There are some images missing. Hoping you can find time to fix them. Keep up the great work.

  73. Hey Hanh, the pictures seem to have gone missing - do you think you can repost?

  74. hey hanh im 16 year old. im currently around 6 foot and weight 164 pounds. i have a lot of excess fat on my body mainly around the stomach and the chest area. whats the best way to lose fat in those areas? is it running? and can you please tell me a really basic meal plan for a teenager? im a very fussy eater so please make it some what good :) thank you for your time.

  75. hey hanh, if possible can you please contact me personal i wanna take a more serious and direct aim approach at toning my body, im 23, 5'10, 303 pounds, bmi 43.5, body fat 31.7 waist 46 hips 45 3/4, arms 19 and thigh 27 i could use your help in any where possible please

  76. Hey Hanh. Im a big fan, you have great physique. Keep it up!
    .. I on the other hand been training for only about 3yrs. I can put the hard yards in @ the gym and in the kitchen but i need some guidelines mainly in food/nutrition. Please help.

    First of all, what do you think of people bulking up then shredding.? Compared to keeping it clean while trying to bulk? What is your opinion on the two and which method do you personally use?

    Now, eating many meals throughout the day isn't too much of a problem with me. I can manage 5-6 means (with snacks included) e.g. peanut butter w/ banana. Or i have in the past ate 7 solid meals (without snacking).
    What do you think is the best approach? 'coz i hear i need the healthy fats (peanut butter, nuts and cheese) to gain.
    I can write down my current meal plan if you need me to so we could work something out i guess?

    Last thing is. My aim (at the moment) is to gain size/weight. Keep in mind that im trying to keep it clean. What do you think .. ?

  77. Thanks for your to create up this beneficial details Hanh..I was thinking if you can publish something or just response to this thoughts the periods and meals you eat throughout the whole day. Thanks!

    Fitness classes Rutherford

  78. the food pyramid is outdated (created in 1992) and theres lot of controversy about it
    check it out

    1. This is what my diet is based off of and it works well. So lets just stick to what works.

  79. Wow nice! Wish I found this earlier. Thanks for putting this blog up Hanh. My goal is to cut down right now on the extra fat I'm carrying and bulk up to around your size.

  80. How do you slpit your meals when your still going to school

  81. Great stuff, easy to follow so most people have no excuse but to get lean and mean :)

  82. i workout 3-4 days a week for but havenvt see any change. ok so in the morning i eat a bowl of ceral with low fat milk, 2 whole eggs scramble, 3-4 slices of bacon
    then morning snack i eat low fat yogurt
    then lunch i eat pasta or brown rice with 2 grilled chicken and salad
    and lunch snack i eat avocado
    then dinner i eat 2 grilled chicken or steak
    when the day i workout i drink muscle milk before the workout
    im 13% and trying to go down to 10%
    i think instead of drink muscle meal before workout i should i a big meal then rest then when i go home i just take muscle meal

  83. i really love working out and my major is exercise science.i hope you can response to me when you have time.

  84. why is that ever since I'm on low-carb/low-fat diet, i get dizzy and tired all the time? what is wrong??

  85. The paleolithic diet (abbreviated paleo diet or paleodiet), also popularly referred to as the caveman diet,
    Stone Age diet and hunter-gatherer diet, is a modern nutritional plan based on the presumed ancient diet of wild plants and
    animals that various hominid species habitually consumed during the Paleolithic era
    paleo diet recipes

  86. Hey Hanh i have two questions if you are trying to diet should u still drink plenty of water, like doesn't it add on water weight? And also im in high school and my mom really decides what i eat, i tried to telling her that i need to eat healthier but its really just asian food.

  87. Hanh, I know you mentioned you do not count calories. But what would a decent portion size be for a meal? Like 4-8oz of protein, cup of rice, cup of veggies, per meal for bulking, or how do you measure your portions? I'm 190 lbs trying to bulk up.

    Thanks for your help,


  88. Is it bad to eat eggs every morning? Isn't the cholesterol bad for you?

  89. Hello Hanh, I am currently a new fan of yours! You're the greatest. I was wondering if you'd be able to help me out on my diet. I am currently 16 years of age weighing at about 140 ~ 145(5'7''). I am Asian, not lactose intolerant. I am getting back into my workout I was before 130 with abs but I got lazy and gained weight and now my fat are covering my abs. I have an idea on the workout but I am completely lost on my diet! What should I do? These are the meals that I ate
    Meal 1(breakfast): EGGS
    Meal 2: Apples or fruits
    Meal 3(Lunch): I usually incorporate some meat and white rice in it.
    Meal 4: Yogurt
    Meal 5(Dinner): Once again I incorporate some meat or eggs in this with white rice.
    I hope you'll help me out. I love watching your videos! Keep it up, hope you can help. Thank you.

  90. Hey Hanh, I'm looking to get lean but not sure about how I should go about with the carbs. I'm trying to eat more complex carbs but I was wondering if I should cut carbs out completely while doing this. Because carbs are your main source of energy would it be okay to cut it out completely?


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