Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sick Update

Sick update.. because well I'm still sick. ugh. Still trying to eat, drink water, work out.. this is all a bit more difficult. I'm holding my weight at 181 lbs.

More food I've been eating. Cube steak, spinach, white rice.
Friday night.. Killing legs for second time this week.
Same meal after the gym.
Protein. For those who keep asking how to take them..
I use separate water bottles, put the serving in, shake it, and done.
More grocery. My bill is pretty much 100$+  a week. Lets
see what we have.. Orange juice, bagels, banana, eggs, steaks,
blue berries, and medicine ;(
I go back and forth for steaks just go get fresh ones.
Saturday was off. Sunday night. Just did a bit of arms.
I never do arms but I don't have much energy today.
Saving it up for leg day tomorrow :)
I ran out of water so its back to the grocery store. Again.
I need to wash my grocery getter. I don't think its going to
happen anytime soon. Its freezing cold here.


  1. i like how you snuck in a car picture. ;) ;) ;)
    not only is it a grocery getter but it's also a....... *insert something sexual here*

  2. Hey Hanh, I just started my own blog after being inspired by you. I was wondering if you could take a look and give me some advice or feedback. Thanks!

  3. Do you only drink your protein/creatine before and after your workout?

  4. do u include your normal meal and your protein shake after you work out?

  5. You have great dedication! You're not feeling well and you're still at it :)
    Keep it up, we all have a lot of respect for you.
    Planning to start my own blog soon!
    If I can just sneak in a question here...
    I'm a swimmer and I often swim 6 times a week, sometimes up to 8 or 9 times and I'm wondering, if I want to gain weight (the right sort) and bulk up a bit, should I cut down on this?
    (sorry it was rather long winded that)

  6. Jenny- You're so hot :)

    JustLikeDat- Cool I'll check it out, thanks for posting.

    JayC- after

    Daegil- Yes

    Trevor- Correct, you would need to reduce your cardio to bulk. Otherwise you would burn all your calories up and you'll end up staying toned. Let me know when you make any post.

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  8. Hi, I've been watching your videos on youtube and ask questions a lot and you said to post about what i eat. So check out my blog thing.

    I workout about 4 times a week right now and weigh 130ish.

  9. Edmund- I'm 5' 9

    Anthony- I don't know what your goals are or what you look like. I don't know what questions you want to ask me?

  10. check out my blog

  11. hey hanh, ima post this again since i don't know if it got through. I'm hesitant about white rice cause I'm trying to cut the fat on my belly. I read something online that I should eat complex carbs such as brown rice. I'll try to post my diet up sometime for you to see. I really need to cut this fat off before summer -__-. it's like an ice pack when I play ball.

  12. Slim- okay i did.

    Tyler- Check the diet video. I've already mentioned that.

  13. Great stuff man. Keep up the good work(out)


    hey, check this out plz. im trying to cut, but i am needing suggestions or tips of how much complex carbs im going to have to eat and stuff. thanks

  15. Hey Hanh, im 18, 5'9 and weigh 150. I wanna bulk up. If i do cardio 3 times a week will it affect my gains? My goal is to be 160-170. Check out my blog to see what I look like so far.

    great blog BTW! :D

  16. Wow. That's your grocery getter?!? Wth do you do for a living aha.

    You and Frank Hwang my inspiration in the gym btw lol

  17. Glad you got the new wheels. I don't like the convex look on deep dish. Gotta go low offsets. 8)