Friday, December 31, 2010

My new blog.

I'll edit later.


  1. sup dude
    amazin how much u gain in 4 yrs
    i was wonderin if u can help me out
    i dont kno where the problems is
    im 19, 5'-9", 185lbs 20%bodyfat
    my diet is good, i get enough calories throughout the day with complex carbs,protein,vege n fruits
    i dont over train ,i follow routines on this site
    always push myslef in gym but my gains are slow n not noticeable. i thought my diet was the problem so i try to eat more but in result i gain about 7% bodyfat now at a 20%bodyfat
    really need some advice
    thx n advance!

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  3. Hey Hanh. I have a request for you.

    I started watching your videos after watching miniachilles's "Working Out With MiniAchilles, Ice1cube, and Hanh" Video.

    Ever since I have been trying to find the song you at the 7:20 min mark. Do you think you can ask miniarchilles for me? I can't seem to get a hold of him.

    The video link is

    thanks a bunch man. That song will be a perfect workout motivater.

  4. hi everyone, im 17 yrs old, 5'5 and 150 pounds with approx 15% body fat....i was wondering if anyone here could share a website that has good workouts for an intermediate level (been training on and off for 2 years, but this time ima stick with it, hopefully).

    Also i would appreciate it if someone could refer me to a website which explains how dieting and meal plans work, because ive seen A LOT of youtube videos in which trainers say that dieting is key, but they keep sending me to their site in which i have to pay to see an example of a meal plan

    Lastly, I bought some protein shakes to hopefully help me out and was wondering if creatine was something i should look into. Hanh talked about it in one of his videos but didnt really give the pros and cons of creatine (ive heard there are some bad things in creatine, dont know if its true)

    So thanks a lot for ur help and ur patience for having read this whole post !!

  5. Hey Hanh hope you had a good New Years!

  6. Hi my names Faz and i'm 20 years old. I've been working out for about 4 years now. I only weight about 135lb, but my numbers in general in the gym are quite high for my weight. Theres a full breakdown of my stats in my blog, which I just created.
    I find it difficult to pack on mass especially on my back and chest. I have decent squat, chest and deadlift numbers, but all the growth goes to my arms. I think I'm arm dorminant, and way behind on size considering, people who lift the same numbers. I know your busy, probably got a lot of fans now, so, you don't have to help if your busy, but it would be appreciated :P

  7. @Jason. Go to and look around there. Here a link to a program with great result if you want to try it out. Its a 12 week transformation but of course you can just make it into a workout for yourself. I'm guessing your trying to get lean/ripped? If so just do a high protein/low carb diet. And try to changed your diet to a 6-8meal a day. Your diet should contain in each small meal of course protein in every meal and eat every 3 hours. If your looking for nice workout just watch some of han and ice cube vids as well their all helpful. If your choice on what you want to do at the gym for main body part just do the main bench press,squat,deadlift, and etc. Those are main body part workout and then you just add different weight to change the intensity your trying to go with. Hope this helped you.

  8. @Khiet wow thx alot man, really good stuff on these sites, should keep me busy for the next few days...

    I really appreciate it

  9. good stuff. happy new years. i will def post some vids on my routines and progress

  10. Hey Hanh I made a blog. Heres the link
    Do you think thats a good program to follow?

  11. Thanks for posting. I've added you.

  12. I'm making a blog myself... been working out consistently since about October. I'm incorporating several of your routines into my workout. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to put stuff out there, it's really helpful.

    - Jake

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