Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This is my original edit. I had to change it because wmg copyrights on youtube ;(

Anyways, this is pretty much my current leg workout for Monday. It's composed of mainly squats, leg extensions, hamstring curls, calves. This was hard for me to film & workout at the same time. Heavy squats take up a lot of energy. Some of you that have made some workout videos know how shitty the shot can be and realize most of them are not usable.

My usual sets are 5 sets starting off with 10-12 reps for light working my way up to 8-10 reps for moderate. 6-8 reps for heavy... and ending off at 4-6 reps for really heavy reps. This is what I'm currently doing for squats. It gives me enough time to warm up my joints as right now its pretty cold. 

Leg extensions / curls are more focused movements so I don't pack on much weights. I keep it light to moderate and slow down the movement.  I keep the reps in the 10-12 rep range. 

I'm currently training legs Mondays and Fridays. Reason being is 1) I need more legs and 2) nobody does legs Mondays or Fridays. lol. So please don't be a moron and do curls on a squat rack on a busy day. That is a gym fail.

Last I'd like to add that everyone should do legs if you can. If you hit legs once a week.. that's only 4 leg work outs a month. The rest are pretty much upper body workouts. So if you're wondering why you have frail monkey like legs... its because you're not doing them enough. It'll also help your upper body grow faster in strength and mass.


  1. holy ish, can you walk after legs day? this looks so intense even if you use light weights

    also hanh... how much toilet paper do you go through a week with all that food? lol, serious question... i have this feeling that when i get a full time office job, it will be impossible to keep this diet up (can't take like an hour during work hours just to shit lol)

    keep up the hard work. looking up to you!

  2. If i'm going to do mostly legs, how did you build your upper body so much?

  3. @ROB LMAO! he poops everyday. :) he always tells me to POO WITH CONFIDENCE! ....because he got a new toilet that doesn't clog. :D

    and no he cannot walk after legs hahaha. barely. he has a "gangster limp" LOL. takes a lot more energy and food for legs

  4. Rob- Protein/ creatine helps keep food in you so it absorbs all the nutrition better. So you won't have to go to the bathroom frequently. Some days its hard to walk after but eh.. I manage.

    Chau- It just takes time and things will develop. Just like fat.. you developed it over time, not overnight. It was a process of eating the wrong food and having a bad routine that got you that way. So now you're changing it up and it will just take you time to get where you want to be. So be patient.


  6. hey hanh, i just created a blog and wanted to post some of your videos, is it kool if i post them up? btw thats some crazy weight

  7. Tomas- Sure feel free to do so. I've added you on here too. Thanks for the message.

  8. thanks man, you and frank have been inspirtation as far as what can be done over time, for you 4 years thats just incredible, things dont happen over night.

  9. Hey Hanh just wondering i haven't seen you post anything about sleeping and i don't read much of it anywhere how long are up after the gym before you sleep and how much should you be getting.

  10. Man... i attend UTA and I hope I never see you there working out. I'll be too intimidated to even do my regular routine lol.

    But, I do have a question though. Is it enough to just workout 3x a week or is it necessary to do more. I basically get every body part I need in those 3days but after those 3 days I have an extra long break period before my routine begins again.

    leg/ and maybe shoulder

    I guess i can dump in some cardio though.

  11. Oh, the advantages of getting a gym membership...

  12. -Disiple- 8hrs is good. Sleep early.

    -Chau- Multivitamins help since you're not going to get all the vitamins in on a daily basis. No, you will not see significant gains right away. In the long run it is good.

    -Mike- I try to go since they let me film there. I don't really pay attention to anyone when I lift. Anyways, I'm more there for filming than training. I have no idea how you look so I can't give you a routine. I can say 4-5 days a week would be best for making gains. 3 will keep you in shape. Then again it all depends on how you lift. If you go in 5 days a week and sit around on your cellphone.. u wont make as much gains as you would 3 days a week with intense workouts. Get it?

  13. Hey Man! Im Björn, soon to be 25 years old and Im all the way from Sweden. Just seen your video and I really like it! Cool to see some pictures from the start-now. I just started, again, with my training and im looking for some tips and trix. Is there any good site or something where I can find out information about the best way to plan your training and food. I have lack of fantasy when im at the gym, not finding it easy to find good exercises for each muscle. Im trying to work really hard on my cardio atm. But I wanna get back my body i had during my time as a hockey player. So if you can give me some advise how to plan each day at the gym, which muscles i should do and so on I would be so damn happy! My goal with my training is to feel better, not to get you know, huge, but i want a normal body just so you see my muscles and not the fat :)
    Please, send me a mail or answer here. I'll look here every day from now on. Keep up the good work!
    peace from Sweden!

  14. hey hanh do you still lift with frank? or was that a 1 time promo thing?

  15. Hi Hanh. I have one question to you about your workout. Do you workout one part of muscle per session/day whether two parts? My training is:
    Monday - chest
    Tuesday - legs
    Thursday - back
    Friday - shoulders
    Saturday - arms, like biceps and triceps
    Is it good? Or should I combination with parts of muscles. Like chest & triceps, back & shoulders, biceps & triceps and legs separately. Then there will be 4 days of workout per week.

  16. lol you guys are asking Hanh such generic questions that are either dependent on yourself, or are easily able to be found on the net!

    1. Training split - All depends on the individual
    2. Diet - No cookie cutter diet, all dependent on the individual.
    3. Supplements - all dependent on how the individual takes to them.

    Overall Hanh, awesome leg routine, keep killin it.

  17. Bjorn/ innos921- Post on your blog what you eat/ training/ stats.. etc and I can help you better. I have no clue what anyone looks like. I cannot give you a generic answer besides eat, sleep, workout.

    -lewisnew17- What is a 1 time promo thing? I'm not selling anything. Frank moved back to California and I'm in Texas. That's about 2000 miles away.

    -Rishley C- Thanks, you are correct. It is hard to find things on the net as there are different answers everywhere.

  18. Yo Hahn, what's your thoughts on going below parallel on squats? A lot of people say ass to grass or it doesn't count. Watching your squat vid, you're either at parallel or just above it. Thanks bro.

  19. Err.. I think its the angle of the video. I go as low as I can. Shoot a video of yourself and you'll see what I'm talking about. You hit more muscles going lower. Adding more weights.. it would be difficult to go lower.

  20. Just wanted to say that you're a true motivator to me! I've been working out on and off most of my highschool life because of lack of free time, but with a light schedule coming up, I know I'm going to hit the gym hard! Got finals next week, then I'll hopefully have a blog up to log my gains.

    PS, you're mad good at kneedragging those corners on the track. When'd you start riding? I've been wanting to ride, but sadly my parents are more against that than anything else haha

  21. I take pride in the fact that I've never had a leg day that hasn't destroyed me for the next day. lol. Too bad I ignored them for my first 5 months out of the 10 I've done so far.

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