Friday, October 26, 2012

Basic Information on Steroids

Disclaimer. This article is written on the sole purpose of educational use only. My blog does not promote the use of illegal drugs. The pictures were from Google search!

Anyways, I wrote this blog so my followers won't be left in the dark and not know what steroids are. The fact is, most people have no clue what steroids are. It's okay. I didn't know for almost two years into my workout progress. By then I've already gained 30lbs from just working out, eating healthy, and using regular supplements.

It took me a lot of research and talking to people that have used it throughout the years and this is a basic understanding of it. 

1)  What are steroids?

A steroid is a family of polycyclic hydrocarbons.

The performance-enhancing substance is actually Anabolic steroids, technically known as anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS).

Anabolic Steroids are chemicals that mimic the effects of testosterone and in the body.
Testosterone is the male growth hormone. 

They increase protein synthesis within cells, which results in the buildup of cell tissue in muscles.

2)  How are steroids used?
Steroids can come in an oral form (pills, tablets)
It can also be administered by intramuscular injection (deep in the muscle tissue)

It can be injected into multiple sites on the body. Most common would be the deltoids, glutes, and quads.
This is a multi-dosed injection vial.
Most steroid names will end with an "ONE" like this one: Progesterone.
This is a hormone replacement therapy for women.
Not all steroids are meant to make you big.

This is Nadrolone Deconoate which can be used to treat burn victims to speed up the recovery.
This is a male replacement hormone Testosterone.
There are a few esters of this chemical. This one is "Cypionate"
 which is a slow released testosterone which has an active half life of 12-15 days in the body.
Other esters such as "propionate, acetate" are fast release esters which have an active half-life of 2-3 days.
The needle with the grey tip is a 22gauge needle which is commonly used to inject oil based steroids with.
Oil is a lot thicker than water based injections such as a flu shot.

Bodybuilders inject these chemicals several times per week.
It's not a one time thing like you see in the movies.
They really hype this topic up.
(Blonsky's injection in the movie "HULK 2")

3)  What are the effects & side effects of steroids?
Certain steroids can cause elevated blood pressure.
These are signs that the heart and blood vessels are being overworked.
Acne is a very common side effect of Anabolic Steroids.
If the user is prone to acne already it will only make it worse.
Not everybody will have this side effect but a higher level of
testosterone & oils in the body it will increase the chances. Even oral steroids can overwork the liver which can also cause acne.
Sometimes if the body doesn't like what you're putting in it.. it can react pretty bad.
This is not common for someone to use steroids and turn out like this.
This person doesn't even look like they work out.
Again, people put these images on the internet to hype the topic up too much. 

Chemicals that mimic the effect of testosterone will convert to estrogen.
Bodybuilders often use other drugs to counter the side effects. (Nolvadex, Clomid, HCG, Arimidex)
However some people don't know about it so they get side effects like gynocomastia or gyno/ bitch-tits.
Regardless of the preventatives, if a person is prone to gyno then they will still get gyno.
Drinking alcohol or smoking weed can also cause gyno. Combine drinking and steroids together and it will accelerate the side effects of gyno. 

Testicular Atrophy is when the balls shrink. Since a synthetic testosterone is present in the body, the natural testosterone produced in the testes will slow down because the body thinks it doesn't need as much. Basically, the balls shrink while on steroids but grow back afterwards.

"Roid Rage"? This is also hyped up in movies. People are going to be people. Some people drink alcohol and they'll be happy.. and some get mad. Same thing goes for steroids. I've met big bodybuilders that do use steroids and they're actually the nicest people. There's no scientific proof that "roid rage" even exist. A higher level of testosterone may raise aggression but that just depends on the person.
This is Finaplix-H which are pellets that are shot into the ear of cattles to help them gain weight (then they're shipped off, slaughtered, and sold in the markets). It's also used to help sick animals gain their weight back. In this pellet form it won't do anything for humans.

Finaplix-H is same chemicals make up the drug Trenbolone. Bodybuilders use this to gain dense muscle properties.
However, it was designed for animals so the side effects on humans could include: skin irritation, high blood pressure, gyno, night sweats, etc.

Since anabolic steroids are illegal without a prescription, there are underground labs that make them. Most often they are faked such as this British Dragon one. What you're actually getting may not work at all or have harsh side effects.

Methandrostenolone or known as Dianabol/ D-Bol are oral steroids.
In the early 1960s, doctors commonly prescribed a tablet per day for women as a tonic but was quickly discontinued when they discovered the heavily masculinising effects.
It was also used to help prisoners of war gain their weight back. This was banned when they discovered it was harmful to the liver.
Body builders use injections to bypass the liver.

Other side effects may include:
- body hair growth
-change in vocal cords
-water retention
-premature baldness or hair loss
-liver and kidney problems

Just like any drug with an effect there can be side effects.
Will it happen to everyone? No.
Every body reacts differently.

 3) Do steroids work?
They work to an extent of what they're designed for. As far as body building goes, it does NOT make you big just by using it. It does not make you look like a professional bodybuilder in 3 weeks. It's not a miracle that people hype it up to be.
Steroids are used at a professional bodybuilding level. To get to this level, it's not just years of using chemicals alone.
It takes extreme self discipline, strict diet, rest, lots of lifting, and most importantly time. Genetics has a big part of this too. Not everyone can get to this level.

Steroids are commonly used in professional sports such as football. A lot of it has to do with preventing injuries.
At the first body building show I've ever went to in 2007. You can see the male characterists that form from steroid use in women.

This is Greg Valentino- the man with the record of worlds biggest arms. This isn't just the work of steroids alone. Steroids injected to a site doesn't make it grow bigger. Once the chemical hits the bloodstream then it becomes active in the body.
This is actually synthol which is an oil that inflames the muscles.

What happens if you take too much steroids?
Well the body can only handle so much.  Here you can see a steroid 'abscess' which is excess oil/chemicals in one injection site. The body is rejecting it so it will swell up, cause severe pain, and the body temperature raises to fight it off.

Can you die from steroids?
Not likely, unless you're taking junk that you don't know what's in it. Or your body may be highly allergic to the chemical you're taking. It could happen.. but it's not common.

A lot of people do other recreational drugs (coke, heroin, weed, alcohol) and then they decide to add in steroids along with it. Which is where the problem starts.
If steroids work.. why are they banned?
Because in the wrong hands people can get hurt from it.
The subject has been hyped up so much people have very little knowledge on what it's really designed for.

4) Should you use steroids?

Unless you're playing a professional sport where your career is worth a millions in contract or you aspire to dedicate your life as a professional bodybuilder.. then no, you don't need it.

My personal opinion: It's better to enjoy your life and make bodybuilding a part of your journey. Enjoy the process. Unless you want to become a pro then there's no need to consider drugs. Most of the guys that are even considering it are still way too young. Your natural testosterone levels are at its peak. There's no need to add such chemicals. If you're not making noticeable gains your first few years that means you're not learning something or not working hard enough.

Then again it's your body and your life to live. I could care less if people are natural or take stuff. You can do whatever you want. Just make sure you do your research and have professional help if you decide to venture in that direction. Remember that whatever you put in your body is very important!

Train hard. Eat good. Enjoy life.


  1. that acne photo is the worst lol

    1. Yeah it's fake. People put it up on youtube just to get views. shameless lol

    2. Mate you have done a good job on this well done. I was 12 months into working out when i used gear and had bad side effects i would never use again it isn't worth it. Very informative anyone thinking to use gear should read this. Good job

  2. Thanks for posting, Hanh.

    ps- your music player is broken

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  4. Thanks for the information Hanh! By the way What music is this in your blog?

  5. That was really helpful hanh thanks!!!

  6. Thanks for the info! and Yo Hanh, sick motivational music you got. Can I ask for the song names?

  7. i decided to use steroids a while i have a bicep on my penis...beware lol just kidding,natty all the way :D

  8. this was really informative. thanks hanh!

  9. The gym i go to... Its nothing but juice heads... Most r cops... N they sell te stuff too. I was gonna do decca n tes... But i was like nah... What if my body rejects it or something n i end up in a comma.. a bigger bicep aint gonna help me then.

    1. You shouldn't discriminate people for what they do. You live your life and let them live theirs. Nobody's pointing a gun to your head telling you to inject yourself. Like I said.. unless you're doing it for a profession then its not needed, but people can do whatever the hell they want. There's much you can learn from people that do use it(such as diet & workouts), but it doesn't necessarily mean you have to use it too. I learn a lot from pro bodybuilders. It doesn't mean I have to take drugs as well.

    2. I didnt even see that u replied... Noo i dont discriminate..i just feel like steroids is a way to go to like a different level or something... A friend of mines did do decca 300 and tes.. he goes to the gym 3 times a week or 4 ... And hes only been going to the gym for 1 year.. he weighs 186 .. no body fat.. nothing.. and he eats like a pig....... But he looks great.. his uncle is a cop and he gave it to him... My point is.. i feel like its a way of cheating ... Or taking a short cut.. without putting in actual work..

    3. Anyone who thinks taking steriods is "cheating", when it comes to bodybuilding, is just stupid. There is no way you can pack on the amount of muscle mass like the pro's, without it. It took Hahn what, 6 years to get where he is at. Although I do find it hard to believe he hasn't been on a few cycles, looking at his gains. He either has superior genetics (or just isn't completely telling the truth, we'll never truly know). But, just think of where he would be right now, if he was juicing regularly (that is if he isn't already).

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  11. Hey Hanh, I was wondering which type of creatine do you use, or you recommend using for bulking?

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  13. Great article..I personally would never use steroids because I wouldnt have the same sense of achievement plus I dont want this journey to be over in 3 weeks! Hanh posted this at 11:11 ..what are the chances , eh?

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