Friday, November 9, 2012

11.09.12 Blog Update

Here's a quick blog up date:

So basicly I'm starting back on supplements but only one scoop of protein and one scoop of creatine a day. I'm also using pre-workout for extra energy. My metabolism is way too high and I have no appetite to eat without dietary supplements.

I have some t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops coming soon next week. It'll be posted on a video and on my blog.

**EDIT** They're now available here:

Check out Vince Yuen's channel:


  1. will you make hoodies without zippers?

  2. Hey Hanh, I couldn't help but notice that in some of the before and after photos that they had managed to gain an inch or so.

    Could you elaborate on this a little bit?

    Thank you !!

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