Thursday, October 18, 2012

Back Video with Chris Jones (Physiques of Greatness)

Here's a new video I recorded & edited this week. Thanks Chris for making an hour drive out to get this footage. I've been off of supplements for a few weeks now and eating less carbs makes it really tiring to lift.

Here are the exercises which pretty much sums up as a warm up set followed by 3 working sets of 10-12 reps.

-Stretch/ Warm up
-Lat Pull downs 
-Reverse grip pull ups (weighted. starting off with body weight)
-T-bar row
-Laying Dumb bell pullovers
-Seated Pulley Row

Music 1:  Hiroyuki Sawano- Ao no Exorcist
Music 2: POD- Boom instrumental (crystal method mix)
Music 3: Coasting Instrumental

Click here if you need instructions on back exercises: