Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10.10.12 Update

Hi everyone. I'm finally making some time to update this blog. I'm thinking of making a website to organize things a bit. It takes time to make these blogs and I guess I've been updating my facebook fanpage a lot more since it's easier to post things here and there. (http://www.facebook.com/hanhchampionz) add me if you haven't. 

So this summer I turned 26. The end of this year will start my 7th year working out consistently. I've gotten up the highest about 198lbs this summer. I've ate out a lot so it packed on some weight. Now I'm back maintaining 182lbs and trying to stay a bit leaner. Here's an update of some things that have been going on and also some of the toys I've bought and sold.


I parted out and sold my M3 coupe back in May.

 June:  Jenny and I took a road trip for my birthday to Pensacola & Destin, Florida.

In Pensacola, Forida.

Jenny testing out the water. It's very clear here!

We rode around on the island and stopped here to tan.

Forgot my suglasses.

My truck I picked up after I sold my M3 coupe.

Part 1 of our trip. Mostly driving.

Part 2 of our trip. This one has better clips.

Sold my track bikes this summer as well. I think I'm done for now.

July was 2 years that Jenny has been with me. Also it's been 2 years with me making videos on youtube! Time sure does fly.
This summer a few people I met wanted to start an exotic car rental business.  Needless to say it was a failed business venture. So I really don't want to go into details as it's a long story. So please don't ask.

I visited JK films new office while I was in California. We got a few workouts in that you can checkout on Bart's youtube channel:

Frank, Bart, and I were thinking of opening a gym in California. This is one of the properties we were looking at. Unfortunately at the time we don't have the time to start this up. Hopefully in the future we can make it happen.

At Frank's house. He's definitely got some crazy size/ definition for not taking any type of supplements! Diet & intense workouts are the key.

I randomly met Jay Cutler at SD zoo!
I missed my M3 and wasn't using the truck to haul the bikes around so I traded it in for a supercharged M3 sedan. DCT transmission this time since the 6speed was too much work when I'm tired. It's almost like combining my red 325i and my M3 coupe. Best of both worlds.. besides the fact it eats up so much gas. I'm pretty happy with it so far and it fits me perfectly.

Sold my R1 I picked up earlier this year. So right now I only have an FZ1, my M3 and a bicycle. lol

I shot a video with Chris Jones. He's been messaging me for a while to get a video with me but I have so many message I didn't get to it til now.

Check out part 2 here. The actual workout
This is part 1. Pretty boring.

I was invited to a BBQ at a gym out in Red Oak, Texas. Big J's Extreme Fitness (Intensityville) This was my first time trying axle bar dead lifts. It's alot thicker than normal Olympic bars and requires more grip/forearm strength than overall body strength.

Big J and I. Probably one of the nicest big guy's I've ever met.

Check out the video here.

I filmed another arms workout video that I haven't edited. It's very difficult to film and workout at the same time. It took me almost an hour and a half just to do this when I can just workout for half the time. Also editing the videos take time for me as I'm not an expert at it. I'm slowly making some progress there from just learning on my own.


  1. 7 years of training? phew. damn you look good. I'm waiting for you to open up your gym so I can join haha. you're my main inspiration man. Hanh Champion>>>>>Zyzz

  2. Oh btw. What supplements do you currently use? I've been looking for a good whey protein. Thanks!

  3. Dan Pak- Thanks! Currently using syntha-6 protein just 1 scoop a day, and Jack3d for pre-workout!

  4. hey this is dennis ho brother! i saw your old m3 at the bmw dealership and it was beautiful! carbon fiber ftw! hopefully ill get to meet you one of these days when im down in dallas again!