Sunday, July 31, 2011

Update for July 31, 2011

Well I've been busy again. I've filmed a lot but I haven't had time to sit down and put them together. So again bare with me. This post is just an update on life. lol. It's been 1 year for Jenny and I. I got her started on working out and showed her some basic stuff. She's a fast learner and really tries which makes her a great workout partner :) Naturally she has high metabolism like I do so anything she eats won't help her gain any weight. So I got her some protein and she's trying to eat better. She usually eats very few meals per day but just one scoop of protein helps her appetite and gets her very hungry.

Happy 1 year to Jenny and I. We ate at Fogo De Chao. Great restaurant!
Pool at the W wet deck on the 16th floor.

A view of Victory Park Downtown Dallas.

Our guest from California (Rachel) and hmm andrew is here lol
We got matching outfits and new Under Armour shoes.
They're really comfortable and flexible!
At Metroflex plano gym.
Jenny loves this gym better than regular gyms haha.
Look how powerful she looks :)
I found some full fingered workout gloves (called Bionic) at academy.
I've had the short version and they were okay so if anyone
wants to try full fingered ones these would be great. They
have more padding than my dirt bike gloves.
She's getting bigger better catch up guys! lol
My meals for 2 days. Rice, chicken, shrimp, and some vegetables.
I gave Jenny her first bottle of protein. She loves it.
This is Jenny's breakfast.

Thanks for reading and I'll edit Andrew's next video soon :)


  1. awesome post baby!!! :) GET BIG OR GO HOME!

  2. or go home bigger/ tanner ;)

  3. haha, cute couple, and lookin' hell solid hanh!

  4. Hanh any suggestions on gloves? Ive been looking at harbinger but havent bought them yet.

    Grats on a great catch always nice to be able to share something you're passionate about with the person you're with.

    Thanks for the updates

  5. Andrew- Thanks man
    Ryan- You can try those Bionic ones I listed. Ooops forgot to put the name of it.

  6. hey Hanh! How does Frank manage to have a large appetite without taking protein and creatine? I get full really easily and i can't even eat oatmeal and 2 eggs without feeling stuffed.

  7. I like this food very much. This image itself attracted me a lot. Thanks for sharing.
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  8. Nice update Hanh. The photo your meals is fantastic!

  9. Hanh your blog is really awesome,I just follow you program a few month, now i got more muscle and healthy diet :D

  10. nice update dude, ha i can't wait to go back and train.

    nice that jenny's in it with ya pretty cool! looking happy dude.

    just a question i thought of, do you work on v cuts much ?

  11. Dronkos- I don't know he just really tries i guess. lol. But you'll have to steadily increase your meals. You dont have to start off too big on meals. Just moderate your portions.

    mikhaelkueh- Thanks man.

    Roy Chan- awesome! glad I could help.

    WannaBe Champ- I don't know wut v cuts are so no.. lol

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  13. your physique is inspiring on that photo on the wet deck, i need to make it there in 4 years time!!!

    also i remember you saying something about no point doing cardio whilst consuming creatine? whats the reason behiend that cause i just bought a new preworkout supplement which is APS Mesomorph and i just realized on the tub it says it contains Creatine Nitrate? should i give the stuff a miss cause i do my workout then cardio afterwards.

  14. wow i think that was one of the best update right there!
    very good pictures and i love how you workout with your girl now..just like me and my girl haha ubelieveable how big you got! you make it so hard for me to believe that this is all natural but i do believe you ;)

    your chest is so hardcore!^^

  15. Hanh- Ahh ok, i ask because i was wondering how does he manage to eat those sweet potato and chicken thigh meals in the back attack workout vid every 2-3 hours along with drinking 1 gallon of water in-between those meals without feeling full and having to take a dump at least twice a day. They seem like a lot when you add them up at the end of the day.

  16. hey hanh, I just want to say that you're heaps cool and a big inspiration so keep it up! And that you're a very lucky guy ;) congrats to you and jenny! oh, and you should also make more vids when you have more time... :)

  17. hey hanh i was wondering if you could give me any tips or advice im trying to gain weight and get leaner...

    my stats
    body fat %- 18%

    anything would help and i appreciate it thanks alot

  18. ae86- Creatine retains water so it would slow the results of your cardio. Its good for lifting because you need the water but as far as trying to cut water/ fat its not necessary.

    NinoChamp- thanks.

    Dronkos- Eventually when you gain more weight you will need to consume more food. If you have to poo twice a day that is too much food or you're eating bad food and your stomach does not like it.

    [D-Star]- thanks! i will try.

    rich- check the archive to the right. Under Feburary there's a beginner's guide I wrote.

  19. Hanh, I'm currently trying to lose body fat and i was wondering if i should just stick to cardio and core/ab workouts or do cardio and work out other body part such as back,bicep,tri and others. I've been doing the full body and cardio but i want see faster results and was wondering whats your take on it

  20. Great update. Looking absolutely ripped. Good to see both of you guys sharing the same passion for fitness. Congratulations on your relationship milestone, all the best in the future. As always, keep it up.

  21. hanh if you got time can you ask andrew what supplements hes taking while cutting, and if any of them contain creatine

  22. hey hanh, I noticed when you post your meals most of them contain some form of carbs. I know carbs are important to fuel your workouts but damn man it seems crazy hwo you dont do any cardio and stay ripped with that diet. Having trouble finding the right proportions of protein and carbs. btw do you still take that naNO vap?

  23. Hanh when you get a chance could you look at my blog? I've recently started bulking want to know if I need to do anymore than I am. i have all my meals posted on there. thank youuu

  24. hey hanh! do you mind checking out my video? and do you think my legs look good for my age? I'm 16 and have been working out for almost 2 years.


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  26. oh ok nevermind.
    one more question what do you use to edit and create videos >.>
    looking to start up myself :)
    thanks dude

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  28. Congrats brother, my anniversary with my girl is coming up in a couple weeks its our 4 year. All i can say is having a wonderfull girl by your side is the best, especially when she takes interest in the same things you do. You guys look happy together !