Saturday, August 6, 2011

Update for August 06, 2011 / Andrew 3 weeks out video

Also if you haven't seen on my youtube channel I've uploaded Andrew's 3 weeks out video.

Song: Bullet for my Valentines- Room 409
download here

Here's some recent pics of Andrew today. He's turning a lot leaner than I am.

1 more week to the show. It will be in downtown Dallas August 12th. If you guys are in town drop by to check it out and say hi if you see us!
Click here for details:

Also some other blogs I'd like to share:
Mark Wong from Australia... definitely knows what he's doing.
Check out his blog and his website. It has a lot of useful information!

I also like this post by Andrew Truong:


  1. think kanye wests song monster was made from inspiration of andrew.. the guy is completely shredded now, great size but so much definition in the right places loving the double bi's shot

  2. yes you finally have a fb fanpage now :D i hope to read a lot of stuff there ;)

  3. hello Hanh! What do you usually do the day after you had junk food?

    E.g: the foods that you ate while in Cali

    Do you just get back on your usual diet and workout routine?

  4. oh wooooooooooowz

  5. Hey mate.

    Cheers for the mention!

    Good luck to Andrew in his upcoming comp