Monday, January 2, 2012

New years / Vancouver trip update

Happy new years everyone! Well I'm still in Vancouver right now and just set up a new PC for Jenny so I have time to make a blog now. I'll be giving away some supplements here on my blog when I get back home. It'll be on my blogspot only because you guys that are reading this are the intelligent group of people. Knowing how to read and write is more important than being big.

I'll be posting just blog updates here. I know people like pictures. lol. For anything work out related I will post on the link pages up top. (training guides) I know I have a few more to write when I have time.
Downtown Vancouver

Stanley Park

Jenny got me a new watch!
Training one of my clients in Richmond
New Canadian money.. its partially clear.
Downtown.. it rained all week.
One of the best gyms I've found in Vancouver thanks to Vince. It's actually in Richmond.
Sport Central gym- awesome place to train. Lots of heavy weights and people don't bother you. They keep it pretty clean.
It's almost like a bigger metroflex in Canada.  I would recommend.
Gym and a bar in one place??
Dumbbells go up to 160lbs. The grips are a bit big but it seems these weights have been barely used.
This is a meal they made from the bar / grill there. It was so good I ended up eating two plates. lol
asian mall in Richmond.
lots of carbon fiber here.
Training a client at Richmond Oval. This place is huge. Too clean.. lady bitched about my gym bag. So I wouldn't recommend.
Statue at Richmond Oval.
Bellevue mall in Seattle
Driving back from Seattle

At the border.

Well that's all for this update.


  1. Looking forward to you sending supps to people! very generous!!

    theres alot of downtown in canada xD
    and lol at those ferraris being in a asian mall!

    nice to see your training people bud! he deffo looks big, how long has he been training for?

  2. Hows your Vacation? Any plans moving to Vancouver?
    Any supplements for Canadian fans? =)
    Check out my blog.. im trying to put more time on my blog.

  3. Nice! Good to be part of the intelligent group of people :D

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  5. "asian mall in richmond" LOL baby its called aberdeen haha! now you need another update with more pictures!