Saturday, June 1, 2013

05.31.13 Giveaways, Updates, & Leg Workout!

Giveaway #1
Gasp wrist wraps (Branch Warren Edition) , Metroflex Plano Shirt, HanhChampion Shirt

How to enter:
- Add our Instagram account:
- Tag us on your best squat or bench picture   @metroflex_plano  #metroflexplano

- Must be a current photo
- Contest ends June 8, 2013
- 2 winners will be picked

Giveaway #2
$200 worth of supplements

How to enter:

- Make a transformation video of your progress from beginning to now.
- Submit by entering it in the video response ( it's next to the comment box)
- Must be a current video
- Make sure you have HanhChampion giveaway contest in your description box so I know it's for this contest.
- Contest ends June 30, 2013
- 1 winner will be picked for $200 supplement prize + tshirt
- If you are international you will receive a $200 check. (it's too hard to ship supplements for customs reasons)
- 3 runner ups will get free tshirts

Video from Febuary's contest (best couples workout) winner, Nhat! 

Leg workout:
Exercise #1- Laying hamstring curls
2 warm up sets of 15 reps (both legs)
4 working sets of 10 reps (single leg)

Exercise #2- Banded leg press

1 warm up set 10 reps
8 working sets of 8 reps (with bands)

Exercise #3- Smith machine front squats (or back squats)
1 warm up set 10 reps

8 working sets of 8 reps

Exercise #4- Dumb bell stiff leg deadlifts

3 sets of 12


  1. I'm going to enter the instagram contest haha. Btw Genevieve and I will be in Houston to visit her mother. Maybe I can drive to where you are and have a session with you? Anyway, keep the posts coming Hanh!

  2. :( About to take a week off from the gym, so i can't do the instagram, but I'll gladly do the YT Transformation video ^_^

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  11. Not a Champion yet, but I'm getting there

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