Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 2011 Update.

Oops. I've been really lazy and sitting by the computer gives me a headache. (Maybe its this 40" screen, lol) Anyways I thought maybe I  should update my blog.

Some pics from August! I went to Vancouver for Jenny's birthday!  (you're still young baby :)
Going downtown!
At science world.. well in front of it.
Next to Canada Place.

Lots of walking.. we're waiting for the bus!
At the beach.. its so bright and the rocks are sharp. lol
Beautiful place but... They charge you for everything!

Jenny's dog. Cookie. LOL she's chillin.

In Seattle. Space Needle.
Biking the seawall in Vancouver.

Jenny's Vlog of us in vancouver.

Jenny's Vlog of us going to Seattle, WA.
Back to Texas... got a new toy I've been wanting since forever.

and of course it couldn't stay stock for a day. lol
New stand. Way better than my 10$ one. It has a built in remote!

Frank came to Texas. So we did some deadlifts with Jonathan Irizarry.

Okay blogger is being real slow so I can't upload more pics at the time.

Thanks to all my blog followers. You guys  seem to the the intelligent group of people. All the people I run into in real life that follows my blog and have gained results, thanks for saying Hi and I'm glad you're making good use of this.


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  2. Dude, you went to Vancouver?! I gotta make a Blog for myself. I was gonna ask you to visit Vancouver and make a video with you working out. Im still working on bulking up. saw you on youtube randomly and been watching your workouts and trying them out. but ye il make a blog.

  3. Raymond- thanks man.

    Flip-mode- yeah I wanna go back to visit. Gyms there aren't so great unless you know of a good one haha.

  4. Ye, let me know when you get around again.. I know few gym is nice. Mostly gym here sucks not like you guys have. The prices here Vancouver that no one can even afford anymore. its Priceless to live here. My current gym is on surrey Platinum athletic club check the site. Lots brown guy and im the only asian mostly the time. I have no workout partner so i keep myself motivated. My friends to lazy to workout.

  5. @Raymond, thank you for the birthday wish :)

    Nice post baby! I like it a lot. Happy 14 months <3

  6. Hey hanh, nice update and blog.
    well like most teen guys, i want a shredded beach body, but also lazy, unmotivated and "q'ting" gym all the time.
    Any crazy , inspiring advice for this weak mind? =(

    Thank you

  7. @BoyTurnedKing, self motivation is key. If you don't believe in yourself no one will do it for you!

  8. Hey Hanh I actually have a dieting question for you...

    Like we all know about the mantra about eating 6 small meals a day which you also abide by.

    Well for as much articles out there that promotes it there are articles that say its not necessary. That the total macronutrients and calorie is what matters.

    I read an interesting article that said that we humans shouldn't graze. That our ancestors got by with one meal a day and were much healthier than us. The so called paleolithic diet.

    Anyhows considering there have been aesthetic figures since ancient times, I was wondering whether the bodybuilding physiques of today is such an unnatural thing for the body to do that it requires such a diet. Or whether a simple healthy diet 3 4 times a day can do.

    I know plenty of guys that eat only 3 4 times a day like regular people that look great. And its pretty difficult to carry around lunch boxes all day with work and uni etc. Down here in aus its pretty hot too I think my food would go off in my gym bag or car.

    Sorry for the long rant but bottom line question is: From your experience can you tell me that the 6 times a day meal has made significant gains for you? Cheers man, really appreciate all your stuff

  9. Hey Hanh, did you manage to make a video with you, Frank and Jonathan working out at Metroflex?

  10. so fkn jealous of your car bro! australia has crazy importing tax so anything that is not built here is expensive, was contemplating selling my nissan silvia to get an e46 323ci but their still expensive

    ps looking very solid in your photos! unforntunately my plan to get cut by summer has gone down the drain im just going to keep training hard and eating heavy


  11. Thanks Alan, i what i said was pretty dumb xD

  12. LOL @ the black dog again. You should stop squashing her face.

  13. Nice car Hanh u should get it ready for Bimmerfest 2012!!!!!!

  14. Hey nice vacation pics. Just curious what is the title of the first song on your blog. It is a pretty good song?

  15. Hey Hanh :) I hardout idol your workouts
    Your a champ :) What do you do for work??

  16. @wongy I do not appreciate you talking about my dog like that. It's rude..

  17. Its the Flu season, D: How do you continue gaining weight while on the Flu, flu just kills your appetite and makes you wanna lie in bed and die. T__T

    Should you strive on and work it, since it might make you feel better after a workout session.

  18. hanh, so you have the red and the white bmw? or u trade one in? and those are the 3 model right?

  19. Hey Hanh loving the new m3 you got! i'm heaps jealous! hey i've always wanted to ask, are you viet?

  20. you should come down to houston and check out coffee and cars! takes place the first saturday of every month.

  21. http://coffeeandcarshouston.com/?page_id=28

  22. Hey Hanh, just wanted to say your a beast and hope you upload something pretty soon.(not trying to pressure you though) I also wanna ask if you could check out my blog because I finally got around to make one.

  23. When's the next blog coming up, Hanh? :P


  24. Hanh, I have a question regarding physique. Do you have any noticeable imbalances in muscle size? For instance, do you have one pec/bicep/tricep bigger than the other at all?

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